Monday, December 31, 2007

Week 23, Day 5

On Saturday I decided to look in the pantry for items to take to Goodwill. I pulled out a couple of things and put them on the kitchen counter. Before I really gave any thought to what I was doing, I had moved every single thing out of the pantry and onto the kitchen counters/tables/every horizontal surface. My intention was just to reorganize it all, but then I saw how grubby the whole room had gotten. So now I'm priming and painting the whole thing. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it tomorrow. Is this that whole nesting thing kicking in? I thought that happened at the last minute when you believe that you must clean out the refrigerator while having contractions every six minutes or so. If this is some kind of pregnancy thing, I need to figure out how to bottle it and save some for later!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Week 23, Day 2 - A registry is born!

As the time ticks away toward my third trimester (and rather quickly, I might add), I thought it was about time I found the patience to start a baby registry. SO, with my mom and sister's suggestions, I think I have a pretty good list. There are two registries: One on and one at (search the baby registry for Shelly Massey or Doug Massey). I was going to do only Target (they do pay the bills, you know), but Babies'R'Us had more clothes and some of the essentials like diapers and wipes.

If you have any other suggestions for what should be on there, let me know!

Hmmm... I haven't seen ear plugs on anyone's suggestion list yet.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Week 22, Day 7

Not so much of a baby update today as a Christmas update. We had a nice and relaxing Christmas day. We slept in, ate breakfast, opened presents, and then spent the morning playing with the new, super-cool universal remote that Mom and Dad got us. Doug got me a beautiful, heavy-duty, RED KitchenAid stand mixer. It looks just like this one:
Now maybe I'll be able to bake and not forget any ingredients! (Don't get your hopes up too high on this one!)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week 22, Day 3

Christmas is almost here, and the shopping, wrapping, and mailing is done. Thank goodness for the internet.

I've given up on all the baking for now. As some of you have already heard, banana bread doesn't turn out quite right if you forget to put in the butter. And on top of that, two side-by-side bowls of molasses cookie dough looked mysteriously different. I haven't quite figured out what I forgot there. It's hard to tell how that will turn out because the dough hasn't made it out of the refrigerator yet.

Today is be lazy and do nothing day. I've read, watched TV and taken a nap. Evidently no one told the baby that it's be lazy day because she's been bouncing around like a warmed-up Mexican jumping bean today. And I haven't even started in on all the sugary treats that my sister Julie sent yet. The baby thanks you in advance, Aunt Julie!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Week 21, Day 5

On Saturday, Doug was able to feel the baby move for the first time. Pretty exciting stuff! She moves around quite a bit and sometimes catches me off guard. Oh, and for those of you who haven't ever felt it, my best description/demonstration for how it feels right now (from the outside, that is) is if you move your tongue around inside your cheek and feel with your hand on the outside of your cheek. That's pretty much what it feels like!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Week 20, Day 7

Wow. I think this day officially marks the end of the first half of my pregnancy. Sometimes I can completely forget that I'm pregnant (well, as long as there are no mirrors around), but then pregnancy throws me some kind of new curveball. Last night it was charleyhorse cramps in the middle of the night. I'm sure next week it will be something new. Hopefully a less painful something new!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Week 20, Day 5

My pants don't fit.

My bras don't fit.

My shirts that don't stretch almost don't fit.

It's holiday shopping season and people are out in droves....{sigh}

Ok, enough already. On with the updates!

The baby is kicking harder and is very active. Nothing painful, but it's pretty strange to get kicked and poked from the inside.

I've started wearing maternity shirts, and I swear they make you look at least a month more pregnant than you are.

Yesterday Doug rented a one-person lift so he could reach the ceiling fan in our living room to change it to a nicer one that actually works. He noticed a ceiling crack while he was up there and determined that someone besides himself needed to go up there to fix it. (He does a great job with all the big home remodeling, but we usually have someone besides Doug do the fussy little detail work.) SO, I headed up two floors in the contraption to put painters putty into a tiny little crack. If anyone's worried that this isn't safe, trust me, the moving of this huge lift thing into and out of the house was a lot more dangerous than going up in it!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Week 19, Day 7

A coworker just said to me, "Every time I see you you're eating. You must be pregnant!" For some reason, I didn't laugh. Hmmm...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 19, Day 6

We had tons and tons of rain over the weekend. Actually it started as a lovely snow on Saturday that inspired me to put on the Christmas music and get the big tree up. I'll take a picture to post along with that baby bump photo I've been promising.

I've been able to feel the baby for a little while now. She bumps around in there quite a bit. Sometimes it's still hard to distinguish between baby bumps and gas, but I think I'm getting better at telling the difference.

I haven't given a really good update from Thanksgiving yet, so here are some highlights:

  • Evidently we were looking for entertainment one day and got my niece to hand out slips of paper for everyone to write baby names on. We had an envelope of boy names and girl names. Mark (my father-in-law) was very set on a girl, so he wouldn't even fill out a boy name. Both Doug and Mark were determined that the baby was a girl. I was just sure it was a boy (so much for intuition).

Here are some of the names that came up:

Girls: Harper (Mark's and my favorite), Berkeley (my very conservative husband flipped out over this one... and not in a good way), Ciera (pronounced Sierra), Alex, Joy

Boys: Daniel (Ruby and Jenn both voted for this one and didn't even look at each other's papers first), Jackson (there was lots of controversy over this name), Richard (someone voted for their own name... hmmm... we decided we'd call him Ard for short), Mark (my husband picked names of people in the room too... I suppose that's ok because I tortured him with months and months of baby names before we were even pregnant).

  • We're pretty settled on Harper Jane, so I think that will stick. Even though we have a name picked out, I'm still not ready to call her by a name until I meet her. I called my sister's baby "rana" (that's frog in Spanish) because we had just gotten back from our Mexico honeymoon when we found out she was pregnant (and because all embryos look like tadpoles to me). I guess I'd better figure out what to call this one until it's here!

  • Our competitive group of guys managed to get through bowling and a game or two of Monopoly without any bloodshed.

  • Lots of us helped cook Thanksgiving dinner, and it was super tasty! I even went for seconds on dressing which is not usually my favorite food. As a matter of fact, I could go for some more right now, and I don't think that's just the baby talking.

  • Ohhh... and the joys of airline travel. Overall our travel was pretty good, but I had my first truly hormonal moment. I guess there's this new federal regulation that says you can't get out of your seat until the fasten seatbelt sign is turned off. They used to let you get up at around 10,000 feet to get your electronic devices, go to the bathroom, etc. We had to run straight from our previous flight to this one so there wasn't any time to go to the bathroom. Well, I waited and waited and waited for the seatbelt sign to go off so I could go to the bathroom (evidently I don't have the same issue on airplanes as I do at the doctor's office). Finally I couldn't wait any more and went for it. I headed to the back of the plane. The flight attendants were back there preparing to serve drinks. One of the flight attendants said to me, "Is the seatbelt sign off?" I said, "No." She said, "You need to sit down and buckle in. You are up at your own risk." I said, "I'm pregnant and really need to go to the bathroom." She said, "You need to sit down until the seatbelt sign is off." I sat down in the back row and proceeded to fight back tears (ok, a few slipped out) for the next fifteen minutes until the seatbelt sign went off. After I finally could get up and go (just in the nick of time), they had started the drink service and were past my row, so I had to wait until they served drinks to the whole plane before I could return to my seat. Overall around a 30 or 40 minute bathroom ordeal.

  • Despite a few little bumps (including a HUGE and very scary freefall moment of turbulence on our Denver to Seattle flight), our Thanksgiving was a really nice time. We felt relaxed when we got home and like we had really gotten away.

Monday, December 3, 2007

It's a Girl! (From Week 19, Day 2)

Here's the star of our show in her latest ultrasound photos!

Most of you already know we're having a girl from the email I sent Friday, but I thought I'd post just to keep my story all in one place.

I think in the upper right she looks like she's ready to go a few rounds with my uterus. That would explain some of the strange bumping around in there.

To decipher the lower right photo where you can "see" the gender, you have to imagine the baby upside down. Her feet are in the upper left of the photo and the arrow points to her girl parts... which is easier to read as the obvious absence of boy parts.

I know I've been seriously neglectful of my blog lately, but my recent increase in energy means more time working around the house and less time in bed looking at my computer screen. My house thanks you for your patience.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Week 18, Day 7

We made it back from Ohio safely and without too many glitches. We had a really great time and ate way too much good food. (Thank you Ruby and Mark!)

Speaking of too much food, my weigh in at the doctor today showed that I've gained 4 pounds since my last visit. A pound for each doughnut I ate while in Ohio... Perfect!

Everything at the doctor visit went well. I did have a moment when I thought I wasn't going to be able to pee in the cup again (seriously!), but fortunately, I managed to give them enough for a sample.

The baby seemed to be moving all over the place, and its heartbeat was at 150. Now for those of you who believe in the old wives tale of the speed of the baby's heartbeat being different by gender, that would mean a girl. Less than 140 is a boy, over 140 is a girl. (I still think it's a boy though.)

More soon... our ultrasound is on Friday morning, and I'm getting excited!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 17, Day 5 - Good News!

I got a call from the sequential screening people in Tacoma this morning. The results of my blood work came back, and they are very good.

We have a 1 in:
- 10,000 chance of having a baby with Downs.
- 10,000 chance of having a baby with Trisomy 18.
- 6,000 chance of having a baby with neural tube defect like spina bifida.

The nurse who called said these results are excellent. We weren’t super worried, but it’s a reassurance nonetheless. An early reason to give THANKS!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Week 17, Day 3

Not too much to report. I do think I felt the baby moving, but it's such a strange little feeling that I just can't be sure. The couple times I thought I felt something it felt like little bubbles bursting or little tiny twitches on the left side of my tummy. It's either the baby or the strangest indigestion I've ever had. Considering pregnancy has been full of strange things, I don't count out the indigestion idea.

I have managed to start cleaning things up a little bit around here. I think I was blocked by the fact that I was determined that what is now the office just had to be the baby's room rather than the more obvious choice of the guest room right next door to the office. The "office as baby room" decision would have required moving desks, beds and other heavy furniture between the two rooms and a rather extensive closet cleaning. (The office closet has been the home of all of my books for the last two years. The very same books that caused friends to run screaming when I asked for their help with moving in the past.) Anyway, I made the decision to go with the guest room for the baby's room. It might not be my ideal choice, but it's a heck of a lot easier.

My energy level is a bit better, but I still found myself out of breath just trying to wrestle the new duvet cover onto the duvet this morning. As soon as I had the whole thing on there, I realized that I had the duvet sideways in the cover. First Trimester Shelly would have just said "whatever" and left it. Second Trimester Shelly rested for a minute and then redid the whole thing. (Ok, let's be serious, First Trimester Shelly would have just left the cover off and crawled back into bed, covers or no covers.)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The holidays must be close

I had 17 emails from various stores in my email box this morning. So, not only is the "oh crap, I'd better start Christmas shopping" feeling settling in, but I also have one nagging question on my mind... Why did I give all these places my email address in the first place? I'm sure I must have ordered something on line from them, or we registered for our wedding with them over three years ago, but seriously, what was I thinking? (Yes, I do know that Select All, Delete works just fine in my email program, but it's much more fun to complain about it.)

On a more positive note, I'm looking forward to decorating for Christmas this year. Last year was a frantic rush to go buy more decorations to fill a much larger house (poor me), but this year I already have all the stuff. AND I even packed it all up nicely after last Christmas, so it will be a lot more fun to open up the boxes and see what I forgot I have. I'm in the mood for fires in the fireplace, hot chocolate, Christmas music, and tree trimming. November 15th is too early for Christmas lights, right?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Week 16, Day 7

I just came back from making my latest blood "donation" (and all I got was this lousy tshirt, ok, it was a yellow crayon band-aid). The blood letting wasn't too bad. I suppose I do much better with the whole mind over matter thing when it comes to needles. Too bad I didn't have those skills about fifteen years ago. (Oh wait, it's more like twenty years. Yikes.) Anyway, my mom got to go through some pretty fun times whenever needles and I were in the same room... or about to be in the same room. When I had to get a tetnus shot to go to cheerleading camp, I jittered around the waiting room for twenty minutes in some sort of needle-anticipation frenzy. Then I remember that once we were in there, one of the nurses who happens to be a friend of ours used some kind of toy they use to distract babies to divert my attention. It made some kind of dying cow noise. That's about all I remember.

All is well with the pregnancy at the moment. I still get worn out, but I've managed to stay up past 9 PM the last two nights. Quite an accomplishment if you ask me (or my husband). I'm trying to pay attention for any baby movement, but I haven't detected anything yet. I had a few maybe moments, but nothing definite.

Monday, November 12, 2007

All the good superhero names are taken...

Now that I'm pregnant, I have the powers of a superhero. (Shhh... don't tell. I don't want to blow my cover.) Unfortunately, all the good superhero names are taken.

My new powers include:
  1. Zero to cranky in two seconds or less.
  2. Ability to smell scents that no one else detects.
  3. Ability to ignore the "it will pass" comments. I didn't get this superhero power just by becoming pregnant. I had to practice.
  4. Ability to say "no". This is definitely new with pregnancy.
  5. Ability to outgrow pants on a weekly basis.
  6. Ability to lounge on the couch or in bed for hours at a time. My husband would probably say that I had this power before I got pregnant.

Superhero powers I want:

  1. X-ray vision (I want to see what's going on in there.)
  2. Ability to focus for longer than two minutes.
  3. Ability to predict what I will be hungry for so I can get it in advance.

I'm working on a superhero name. For now I'm going with SuperShelly. I'll let you know if I figure a better one out.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things I've learned about pregnancy so far

  1. I have a new respect for mothers. In particular those who do this whole pregnancy thing more than once.
  2. We know way too much about pregnancy. We know which side to sleep on, which foods to eat, which foods not to eat, which vitamins to take, almost exactly what's going on inside of there, etc. You get the idea. I'm sure once the baby gets here, I'll experience the same thing again, but all about babies. And we can now add to that list all the toys have too much lead or coma-inducing drugs, and so on. I realize it's serious, but every time I think about toys with too much lead, I envision our forefathers sucking on lead lollipops. The more we know, the more there is to worry about.
  3. Morning sickness doesn't necessarily mean throwing up, nor is it restricted to morning. Someone really should rename all of that.
  4. The fact that many people have it worse than me doesn't stop me from griping about how I feel.
  5. When I'm hungry, I'm hungry, but I'm not as hungry as I thought I would be (yet).
  6. I am not above using pregnancy as an excuse for my behavior. "That must have been the baby talking!"
  7. I haven't gotten over thinking it's strange that there's a little person in there.
  8. Pregnancy sheds new light on the word heartburn.
  9. I'm friendly, but I've learned that I will talk to complete strangers about the details of my pregnancy (whether they want to hear about it or not).
  10. It doesn't bother me for people I know to touch my tummy. I'm not far enough along for strangers to come running up, hands a-stretched. I'll address that when I get there.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Doctor News

After some careful thought, I've decided to stick with my doctor(s). As long as I continue to see the original doctor I was visiting, I think I'll be fine. The thought of changing doctors is daunting (for whatever reason), and it seems to be a stress I can avoid... well, by avoiding it. SO, hopefully I'll be pleased after my next visit and be able to report that all is well. If it's miserable, I'll only have myself to blame. That doesn't mean though that I won't write a big, ugly blog post about it. My next appointment is on the 28th... we'll see!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Week 16, Day 1 and All About Advice

When I heard that everyone would be giving me advice about the baby, I didn't know that mean't everyone. I really do appreciate all of the advice, and I haven't really come across any so far that is just outrageous. I suppose what I do with the advice is what counts.

Some of the advice I'm working on taking. As recommended by friends, I'm looking into switching doctors. Even though it seems challenging to think about, I'm working on it anyway. So far I haven't gotten past the front switchboard. I'll give it some more effort tomorrow, and I'll let you know how it goes.

Some of the advice I should have listened to much sooner. For example, when I heard that my skin would itch, I should have purchased a gallon or two of Aveno lotion.

The advice comes from all directions. My latest advice was from the woman cutting fabric for me at the store. She went on for at least twenty minutes. She didn't tell me anything profound, but she just seemed so darn happy to share that I let her have those twenty minutes of my lunch hour.

So, if you have some advice about pregnancy or babies, send it my way!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Week 15, Day 5

I think I'm going to start a betting pool. Not one of those run of the mill pools though like the gender, the due date or the father (just kidding, honey). No, I'm going to start one like one of these:

  • First day I wear pajamas to work

  • Number of days before my coworkers schedule an intervention because I'm answering the question "How are you?" honestly and verbosely

  • Number of minutes before my next hormonal outburst

  • The day I can no longer put on my own socks and shoes without help

  • The number of coworkers who will be present at the moment my water breaks

I'll let you know if I think of more.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Two Many Pregnant Women in One Room

Yep, I meant two, not too. Two pregnant women in one room with a pair of scissors equals a lot less hair for at least one of us.

I did exactly what one of the pregnancy books said not to do. It said, "Don't cut your hair into some short style that you think will be cute but really will make your face look fat." Ok, it didn't say exactly that, but close enough.

Anyway, I guess when I told the 8-week pregnant woman who cuts my hair that last time we left it a little too long in the back, she interpreted it to mean that I needed to go from shoulder length hair to above the chin length hair.

I'll take a photo when the shock wears off.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Baby got all dressed up for Halloween!

One last note about the doctor visit

I should have mentioned yesterday that when I made my next appointment, I was first offered the option of having my appointment with "fabulous" doctor again. I declined and requested the first doctor I was seeing. She's great, and I really like her nurse a lot. First doctor (who I am now renaming to "more fabulous than fabulous doctor") looks me in the eye and answers my questions no matter how silly they might sound. I may just see her for the rest of my visits instead of this round the world tour of doctors. Seriously, when it comes to delivering the baby, I probably will get poked and prodded on by a million strangers that day anyway and won't really care who gets the baby out as long as we get it out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week 14, Day 6

Well, the baby and I had our second doctor visit yesterday. I don't know how the baby feels about it, but I can describe how I felt about the whole visit in one word... Dumb.

I really should start by saying that we got an "everything's normal" verdict from the doctor. So, that's good.

And, I was looking forward to this appointment because this visit was with a doctor that I had heard was just fabulous. I really liked the doctor that I had my pre-pregnant and first pregnant appointments with, but evidently I'm supposed to "get to know" all of the doctors because I really have no clue who will deliver our baby.

Now the dumb part starts.

I arrived to my 3 PM appointment the prerequisite 10 minutes early. To set the stage, I have to tell you that there are four "greeter" windows at the doctor's office. Each window has a handwritten label like "Pregnant Pts" with an arrow pointing sort of towards the left. Another window says "OB Pts only". (Seriously, aren't those the same thing?!) I figure whomever looks at me from whichever window first wins. Pregnant women really don't need these kind of complications. Anyway, window number 1 wins today. Window number 1 informs me that I was supposed to sign some papers in the financial office. The key words there are "was supposed to" as if I had forgotten to do something. She said I could do that today though after my appointment. Dumb moment number 1.

Ok, hurdle number 1 hurdled. I retreat to the waiting room to wait my turn.

After quite a bit of wait, the "fabulous" doctor's nurse comes out to retrieve me. She is fairly pleasant, but she seems distracted and like she can't wait to be done with patients for the day. She weighs me (that's enough for a whole different rant, so I'll leave that alone for now) and then ushers me towards the bathroom with a sticky label in hand and instructions to pee in a cup. One problem though... I can't pee. I went while I was at the office because I really didn't think about having to give a urine sample. Unsuccessful, I leave the bathroom with empty Dixie cup in hand. The nurse looks disappointed (probably foreseeing that I would somehow make her day longer) and says, "You'll need to give a sample at every visit." This would get counted as "Dumb moment number 2", but it gets worse later.

The nurse asks me if I would like to have the quad test screening. When I talked with a different nurse at my pre-visit, this really didn't sound like an optional test, so here I am feeling dumb (again). I mention that we're having a sequential screening done in Tacoma, so I'm not sure that we need both sets of tests. She tells me what the quad screen screens for. It sounds identical to what the sequential screening screens for. I'm sitting there trying to figure out why I have to figure this out. We decide that I can figure this out later because I have until 19 weeks to decide. Here's what I've decided... the nurse is a moron. She never asks me how I'm feeling; however, she does manage to ask me if I've done any shopping. When I mention buying larger clothes, she says, "No, I meant shopping for the baby." Perhaps I'm being hard on her, but she's just not nearly as good as my first doctor's nurse. "Not so fabulous" nurse leaves a paper with my purse that says I'm supposed to come back in six weeks for an ultrasound. I should be excited about this, but now I'm getting annoyed and feeling dumber by the second.

She leaves. I wait. A long time. Wondering why I feel so dumb today. I really don't know what to expect with this visit, and no one really seems to want to help me out.

"Fabulous" doctor finally arrives. She mumbles something about sorry for taking so long, and I think she mumbled something like "How are you?" All of this was mumbled while facing the cabinets and looking at my chart. I decided not to feel even more dumb by answering a question that I wasn't even sure she really asked, so I just stayed quiet. She tells me to go ahead and lie on the table, mumbles something to tell me to unzip my pants, and tells me that we're going to listen for the heartbeat. She pokes on my belly a bit and then puts the freezing cold gel on there. We listen to the heartbeat a bit, and she musters up enough bedside manner to tell me that the heartbeat sounds normal. She wipes off the gel stuff and kind of closes the fabric of my pants. I guess this is where I start getting used to people adjusting things on me that I can take care of perfectly well myself.

"Fabulous" doctor turns towards the chart again and starts flipping through papers. She says something about ultrasound results. "Not so fabulous" nurse had to be told about the ultrasound, but it seems that "fabulous" doctor has a whole paper in there about the ultrasound we had in Tacoma. "Fabulous" doctor asks me if everything was normal. "Fabulous" doctor has a paper right in front of her that tells her if it was normal or not. These people are seriously starting to hurt me. I ask her (in the least smart-ass voice I can muster, I swear I was trying my best), "What does the paper say?" She says that it says the results are normal. Dumb moment number 3. (I'm giving this moment to the doctor, not myself.)

On her way out the door, "Fabulous" doctor sees the ultrasound paper sitting by my purse and says, "Oh, you won't need this since you're having the extra tests." She takes the paper that I haven't really even seen with her. Some polite goodbyes. The end.

Sort of.

I still need to pee in a cup. Attempt number 2 is also unsuccessful.

Well, I still need to visit the financial office and make my next appointment (which no one really told me when it is supposed to be).

The visit to the financial office is enlightening. Financial lady says that I'll need to prepay my OB charges by March. She says that she'll need the full amount of my $1500 deductible because we'll start a new calendar year and a new deductible. My insurance deductible is supposed to run from August 1 to July 31. She insists this is what my insurance people told her to do. She says to bring in an insurance paper on my next visit. I sign some piece of paper in hopes that I can get out of there. Dumb prevails.

AND I STILL NEED TO PEE IN A CUP. I decide to wait and try the appointment making instead.

Window number 4 has an "appointments" label. I try there first. She's on the phone for what seems like an endless amount of time and finally says "You can go to window number 2 to make an appointment." Someone is already at window number 2, so I wait some more. Someone tries to send me back to window number 4. I mention that she sent me to window number 2 in the first place. I stay at window number 2. When it is finally my turn, window number 2 asks me "How many weeks did the doctor say before your next appointment?" The doctor didn't. I just say 4. I have no clue if this is right, but I'm tired, and I want to go home. She makes the appointment, and I trek to the bathroom again, Dixie cup in hand.

You may have seen this coming, but seriously, I still can't pee. This has gone beyond dumb to plain old ridiculous. I thought pregnant women were supposed to be able to go every five minutes. Even my bladder is dumb. I crumble the dumb little Dixie cup with the dumb little label into a dumb little ball and shove it into the dumb little trash can.

I quietly exit the bathroom and head out of the office, all the while waiting for the Pee Police to catch up with me. Evidently the Pee Police are focused on closing shop for the day because no one even gives me a second glance.

I bet you can't wait for my next doctor's appointment. I can.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 14, Day 2

One little bump, a whole lotta trouble. I went shopping for pants last night and started at the maternity section of the department store. Big mistake. And big wide visions of things to come. I quickly retreated to the non-pregnant sections of the store to buy some big-girl pants.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let's Do a Happy Dance!

I've been celebrating for a week now, but it's officially official today. My first trimester is OVER! Woohoooooo!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Week 13, Day 6

Twice this week I forgot I was pregnant. Sure, it was only for a second or two, but I actually felt so normal that I had to think about it for a minute afterwards.

I'm going to enjoy feeling normal now because from what I hear, the next few months are the best part. I'll take what I can get!

AND, a big thank you to my husband for not only putting up with me for the past few months, but also for the last three great years. Happy Anniversary, honey!

Monday, October 22, 2007

You'll never believe it

I actually took the vacuum out of the closet, plugged it in, turned it on, and pushed it back and forth across the rugs. I know, I can't believe it either. And I hope you're sitting down for this news because I also cleaned out the dishwasher, reloaded it, dusted the living room, and cleaned at least half of the kitchen.

The good news is that I didn't collapse from exhaustion. (Ok, I did have to rest several times, but what do you expect after two months of self-imposed bed/couch rest?)

The bad news is that while that may sound like quite a bit (well, at least for me), that still leaves about 4,500 square feet that haven't been touched yet. Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Still looking forward to that smaller house someday.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Advanced Maternal Age to Me!

I think to celebrate the baby was turning somersaults this morning. Ok, it was probably gas, but my belly was completely lopsided and seemed to be moving around this morning. I couldn't feel it, but it sure looked funny.

Anyway, the happy news is that I've been feeling pretty decent for the last few days. Hopefully this is the magic moment that everyone kept telling me to wait for. I'm not 100%, but at least a good 87% or so. I can live with that.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


In case anyone is concerned that I seem to be worried about all kinds of things, I can put a positive spin on the whole thing.

The fact that I can finally complain about things besides feeling crappy all the time is a good thing. I think it means my brain is finally starting to work again. (It's about time!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And on the topic of obsessing over decisions, I forgot to mention...

We have to get a new car soon too. I'd love to say this is something I look forward to, but I just don't. Sure, I love a new car just like the next person (that strange, but strangely good plasticky, leathery new car smell, comfy seats, and ohhhh, SHINY), but the whole hassle of picking one is just flabbergasting. I mean, do they have to have twelve different kinds of each model? Ok, this one is the xii model with the blah-de-blah liter engine, and this one is the xiii model with the something-or-other wheels, and THIS ONE is the xxx model with features so sexy that it's too pornographic to describe here. I suppose you get the idea.

I think I'll just say to Doug, "Honey, it needs to have four doors and be a pretty silver color. It must have a large trunk for all the crap we're going to tote around for this kid. It must have leather interior because our child is going to throw up on it and think it's fun to smash little fishie crackers into all the nooks and crannies with his/her little hands. Please just go get a car for me. Thanks. P.S. A nice stereo system and BlueTooth phone hookup thingy so I can talk hands-free would be super-cool. Thanks again."

Week 12, Day 7

Well, we didn't hear any news back from the early screening, so I'm going with what they told us, "No news is good news!"

I wish I had x-ray vision so I could see what's going on in there. In one of the ultrasound pictures it looked like the baby was flipping us off, so I think someone should be keeping an eye on this kid. More on x-ray vision later.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

To move or not to move? That is not really the question.

There's a decision we've been pondering. OK, Doug's pondering, I'm obsessing. We know that we're going to move closer to family in the midwest at some point. The real dilemma is when and where.

Uncertainties make me anxious. (You can imagine how this could make pregnancy complicated, but we won't go there right now.) In order to lessen my anxieties over the moving subject, I decided to write some of it down. (As a teenager it always seemed to help with whichever boy I was obsessing over, so perhaps it will work here.)

What I think I know:
  • Our move will be to Topeka, Indianapolis, or Columbus. Any of these locations would be a million times closer to family than we are now.
  • The moving part doesn't scare me. We've moved enough times to know that it's stressful, but it has an eventual end. Plus I know that Doug's job will take care of the packing and moving, and we can hire people for the cleaning.
  • The company I work for now is great, and I enjoy my job. However, if we move, I might work remotely. I worked remotely after we moved here from South Carolina, and I found it to be a miserable experience. It could have been miserable because of the job itself rather than the remote part, but I'm just not sure. Oh boy, now this has to move to my "what I think I don't know list".
  • Contrary to the problem most people have when they have a baby, we have TOO much space. Our house is way too big, and I look foward to finding something more manageable and a little cozier.
What I think I don't know:
  • If we will move before the baby is born (yikes) or after the baby is born. If an opportunity for Doug comes up before the baby is born, will we take it?
  • Will my current employer let me work remotely? And if they will, would working remotely from home be better this time?
  • Will I be happier? I've had a hard time settling into life here far away from my South Carolina friends.
You might be thinking, "Hey Shelly, you're really just obsessing about this too much. You really need to just be patient and see what happens." In which case, I might be thinking, "This is what goes on in my head. It is a force to be reckoned with and is beyond yours or my control. It cannot be stopped."

Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 12, Day 5

Well, the "blog silence" is due to nothing to report. I suppose I could have logged on to gripe about still being tired and how I need to just suck it up and so on, but I decided to spare everyone. In the words of my husband (not words he said recently, mind you or his head would no longer be attached to his body), "You're a tough girl. You can handle it."

5 days and counting until I officially reach "advanced maternal age". I'm so excited. {sigh}

I'm having a mini-Pepsi right now, so perhaps the day will get more exciting from here.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Not-Flat Stanley, Meet Marshmallow

To help with my 3-D visualization process, I went to Target at lunch and bought Marshmallow.Marshmallow is a tiny rabbit who has a crown to rump measurement of 2 inches. Just about the size of our baby, Not-Flat Stanley.

I think I need some of those 3-D glasses

Last night I told Doug that I could only imagine the baby as flat. You know, like what I saw on the ultrasound. I was getting ready to fall asleep on my tummy (thinking that I'd better do it while I still can) and seriously thought "the baby won't care... it's flat". In my defense, I was sleepy.

So today, I'm working on visualizing the baby as a real 3-D (but very tiny) human being. I'm sure it still won't mind if I sleep on my tummy while I can though.

P.S. According to Doug, this might prompt a name change to "Flat Stanley". Just thought I should warn everyone. (To further explain, Flat Stanley was a nephew's school project that was sent around in an envelope from place to place with friends and family. Flat Stanley got to go on a cruise with Uncle Doug and evidently went further than any of the other flat people.)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gimme, gimme...

I saw an epidural commercial today. Well, it wasn't exactly a commercial, it was one of those baby shows on TLC. The pregnant woman was having painful contractions for about 23 hours, and when the doctor checked her she was only 2 centimeters dilated. She started begging for drugs, but her husband was completely opposed to any kind of "unnatural" birth and talked her out of having the epidural for another six hours. The final straw for her was when she was in terrible pain and found out she was only 4 centimeters dilated (with her husband continuing to try to convince her that she didn't need drugs). She finally told him to get over it and got the drugs. Things got better for her from there, but when she finally delivered a girl, I swear I saw a look in her eye that said, "Someday when you're in labor, demand the drugs, my girl..."

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A different view

Since it's baby's photo day, I thought it might be time to post what baby looks like from the outside.

P.S. Doug and Mom both figured out that my chart reading skills are not exactly up to par. We're at the 50th percentile on the neucal fold chart, not the 25th. Still have no idea what the whole thing means though! Patience, grasshopper.

Week 11, Day 6 - Ultrasound Day!

I sent this out via email, but though I'd post it too...

We went for our ultrasound this morning and from our inexperienced view, everything looks ok. We saw a heartbeat right away. The baby was kind of just hanging out in there, not really moving a whole lot at first. They had me come in with a full bladder, so it didn’t have a whole lot of wiggle room.

After they got the first measurements, I got to go to the bathroom (YEA!). When we looked at the baby again, it was moving around quite a bit more. Now that we could see the relationship of the baby’s head to my bladder, I can understand why pregnant women have to go to the bathroom all the time!

The baby measures 45 mm (a little more than 1.75 inches) and the nuchal fold measurement came in at 1.2 mm. We’re not exactly sure what that means other than less thick is better, but I did find a chart online that seems to say that we’re around the 25th percentile. (Here’s the link: If you read it to mean something different, let me know!)

They also took a little blood. That gets sent off to a lab right away and they usually have results back in about three or four days (well, they told us 48 hours, but the nurse didn’t sound too confident in that timing). If we don’t hear anything, that’s good. Otherwise, they will call us. We gave them about a million contact numbers, so they shouldn’t have any trouble reaching us if they need to. If they do call us, that means that we fall into the “high risk” bracket. If that happens, we’ll make an appointment with the genetic counselor to talk about more tests. If we don’t hear from them, we have some more blood drawn and another ultrasound at the end of November.

So, we think everything looked good, but we’ll go into waiting mode until we don’t hear something. It seems like for something like this they should call you either way.

Enjoy the little alien’s photos! It was much cooler to see it moving around on the monitor, but at least the photos are something!

Ultrasound details:
- The one on the top left is a close-up of the head and shoulders. The nuchal fold is the dark line on the back of the neck. If you look at this one sideways, it bears a strong resemblance to E.T.
- The one on the bottom left is a sort of blurry view with the head on the right, but you can see the whole uterus (and my very full bladder – the big dark blob on the upper right)
- The one on the bottom right shows the head on the right and the funny looking “horn” sticking out of the front is its hand.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Week 11, Day 2

I wish I could say I'm turning cartwheels today, but no such luck. I did have a really great day yesterday all the way until after dinner which really didn't settle well. So, back to the bread, cheese, tomato sauce, and grease diet!

I really don't feel horrible, just tired and a bit off kilter. And this week went by very quickly, so I really don't have any complaints.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Week 11, Day 1

It's too early to tell if it's the greasy diet or the end of feeling gross, but...


I'm sure that comes as a welcome change to the general griping of my previous posts. I plan on continuing the greasy diet until the weekend, and then we'll taper off over the weekend. Hopefully the food obsession (or at least the continual need to report on it) will taper off too.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


We conclude this day of superb eating with a bean burrito plus sour cream from Taco Bell. And there's a cheese quesadilla in the refrigerator calling my name right now.

The baby had better do some extra fat burning today because all I've done since I got home is finish reading a book (the first book I've finished in a very, very long time - Water for Elephants) and read blogs (mainly Mama Daisy).

Post quesadilla, we'll round out this eventful day with 10 hours of sleep. See?! Now I can remind myself that this pregnancy thing isn't so bad after all.

Week 10, Day 7

Eat, eat, eat. My new hobby. They were out of bagels at the cafe by work that a lot of us go to for breakfast, so I asked the girl behind the counter, "What other options do you have?" She said croissants and english muffins. I had both. With butter and jelly.

Doug brought me two grilled cheese sandwiches and onion rings for lunch. I think he has learned the beauty of greasy food. Well, at least what it does for his pregnant wife.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Week 10, Day 5

The doctor appointment went really well. All the blood tests came back fine, and we heard the baby’s heartbeat. It would have been fun to hear for longer, but I imagine the doctor has other things to take care of besides holding a microphone thingy to my belly.

I haven’t gained any weight since my last visit, so the pizza diet hasn’t been too damaging so far. I’m trying to do a little better though. Emphasis on “a little”.

Even though we don’t have a bunch of risk factors working against us, we’ve decided to go ahead with some early screening tests. We’ll have an ultrasound and some more blood tests next Tuesday.

On the “how am I feeling today” front, I’d say not a whole lot better. I’m still very tired, queasy and have trouble concentrating. Yes, I know... It will pass, it will pass, it will pass.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Week 10, Day 1

Finally at week 10. It's not that much of a milestone, but we get to go to the doctor on Monday morning, so I'm excited.

Don't ask me why it took this long for me to process this, but I just realized that if I gain 40 pounds with this pregnancy, I'll weigh 200 pounds. I was just talking with a co-worker of Doug's the other day who had a baby about seven months ago, and she said that she gained 45 pounds. That's all well and good if you start at 125 pounds, I suppose.

With that said, no pizza so far today!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My first non-baby related post!

I've been promising photos of the back yard project. I finally uploaded them. These were just after the sod was put in. Doug has mowed it twice already!

Beautiful Flowers from Judy

I got these from Judy a few weeks back. I'm pretty sure Doug deserves them more for putting up with me!

Week 9, Day 7

I was going to do my best to avoid pizza today, but when Catrina mentioned pizza for lunch... How was I supposed to resist?

Tomorrow starts week 10. We've been waiting for week 10 for a while because we'll have our first doctor visit and hopefully hear a heartbeat. Exciting stuff!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 9, Day 6

Do you think eating pizza for six meals in a row is a bad thing? One piece for breakfast, two for lunch, and three for dinner. Probably not the most balanced diet, but I feel better than I have for most of this pregnancy so far. (I did eat apples, mandarin oranges, bananas and peaches between the six pizza meals if that counts at all.)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Week 9, Day 5

September 24, 2007 8:39 AM

Ok, I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m feeling pretty good this morning. It’s a dangerous conclusion, but eating fatty foods really seems to make me feel better. Perhaps it’s psychological, but we had Pizza Hut pan pizza last night and this morning I feel almost normal. Oh, and I had a piece on the way in to work this morning. If I keep this up, I’ll gain 80 pounds. Never mind what’s going to happen to Doug if he tries to keep up with my cravings.

Week 9, Day 1

September 20, 2007 9:58 AM

No real baby updates except that we’re finally in week 9. That miscalculation for week 8 made it seem like I wasn’t making any progress. Now, I realize that we’re only in week 9 of 40 (!), but at least it feels like I’m going forward instead of standing still. Still pretty “green”… I guess if I had to say right now what I thought would be different is that I thought I would only feel yucky during a certain time of day, but it’s very unpredictable. Oh well… there’s no turning back now!

Week 8, Day 5 (Yes, still week 8...)

September 17, 2007 8:57 AM

I’ve officially been in week eight for a hundred years. I didn’t do my calendar quite right, so it’s STILL week eight all the way through Wednesday.

I counted the first week as week one, but evidently that’s week zero. Do people not realize that pregnant women have enough to think about without all this crazy counting weeks stuff? Ok, that probably gives you a good indication of my mood today. So if you can imagine that with even less energy, you’ll have an exact indicator of how today’s going.

Ok, enough griping. As everyone tells me… it will pass. I’ll believe everyone when it really does pass.

Hope you’re doing well and had a really good weekend. Mine was uneventful, but Doug is cranking out work at the house like crazy. He said that my job is to make the baby and his job is to build the nest.

Week 8, Day 5

September 10, 2007, 1:20 PM

It’s a miracle! I feel almost human at the moment! I had a few glimpses of feeling ok yesterday, and I’ve been feeling pretty much ok today with just a few bouts of queasiness.

It might just be that I’m starting to balance out hormonally, or it could be because I’m eating any darn thing I please. It seems that the worse I eat, the better I feel. It could be a coincidence that makes me really fat. Chicken burritos and pizza, here I come!

More updates tomorrow after the nurse appointment!

September 11, 2007

Nothing too exciting from the nurse appointment. She just told me a bunch of information, weighed me (160 pounds, yikes), and took blood. The real fun happens at the first doctor appointment evidently.

Week 6, Day 1

September 6, 2007, 4:09 PM

There’s a woman who used to work here who gained 80 pounds with her first pregnancy.

I’m starting to understand how that happens. I am hungry constantly, and it’s not the kind of hunger that a few crackers will take care of.

So far today I’ve eaten:
- A banana
- Kashi cereal
- English muffin with butter and honey
- Single Serve Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
- A can of soup
- Crackers
- Yogurt
- The Cheerios I’m inhaling right now

If I could get my hands on a double cheeseburger right now, that would be just lovely.

September 6, 2007, 4:22 PM

- And an apple!

September 7, 2007, 8:18 AM

I made Doug stop at Taco Bell on the way home to get me a bean burrito with sour cream and some nachos. And I think I was still hungry after that! This baby will have some explaining to do when it gets here.

Week 7, Day 6

September 4, 2007 10:51 AM

I swear I’m going to have to buy bigger pants already. Or something with a drawstring. I haven’t gained any weight, but my belly feels so bloated all the time that normal clothes are uncomfortable. I don’t know how anyone would hide being pregnant even in the early weeks.

I just keep trying to remind myself that this is temporary (at least it had better be). My energy level is about on par with when I had mono. Yucky.

Ok, enough griping. At least having to go to work makes me get out of my pajamas. However, as I found out today, having to go to work does not mean that I will put on makeup.

Week 7, Day 1

August 30, 2007 1:43 PM

Well, it’s day 1 of week 7. I feel “fine” which translates into “this is a pretty strange and emotional experience where my insides are doing things that I’m sure are normal, but annoying”.

I’ve been feeling a little blue. I’m sure it’s the hormones and the fatigue. I have a long way to go, so I’m trying to find some ways to just “suck it up”! I’m looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend to practice my vegetation skills.
My doctor’s appointment is on September 11. I’ll be in the middle of week 8, so I’m curious to see if they’ll do any kind of ultrasound. I want to see the little sucker that’s causing all these changes!

Week 6, Day 1

August 23, 2007 9:56 AM

Ok, I had my first moment of “real” queasy this morning. Which probably wasn’t even REAL queasy… I’m sure I still have that to look forward to. I think I ate too much at once at breakfast. I put Craisins and dried apricots in my cereal with milk. I think I would have been better off just snacking on each of them separately all through the morning. Lesson learned.

I feel pretty bloated, but I weighed myself, and I weigh 2 pounds less than Monday. That was a little reassuring because I felt like I had gained 10 in three days. My chest is getting quite impressive! Plus I feel like I’m hungry and eating all the time, but I’ve decided that’s much more pleasant than the alternative of queasy. I’m sure soon I’ll be hungry and queasy all the same time.

I made a calendar, and if I’m counting right, I think we started week 6 this morning!
More updates soon (hopefully not all about being sickly!)

Week 5, Day 6

August 21, 12:51 PM (the day after and many pregnancy tests later, OK, just three total)

Yep… we had “Pregnant”, two lines, and a plus sign. All bases covered!

Very tired today but mostly because I took my vitamin last night before going to bed and then woke up at 2:30 WIDE awake and very hungry. Couldn’t get back to sleep until 5:30 and then the alarm went off at 6:30. I’m definitely dragging!

Status Reports (Week 5, Day 5)

I've been sending status reports about the baby to Judy that seemed shareable, so why not put them out here?

So, back to the beginning... Week 5, Day 5

August 20, 2007 1:57 PM (Approximately 2 hours after the first pregnancy test (at work) and spastic phone calls to Doug and Judy and about 30 minutes before the second pregnancy test)

Ok, who was I fooling?! I am not going to be able to get anything done today! Basically, I want to cry or tell everyone. That’s about the only two things I have in my head at the moment.

I’m trying not to drink any water and just wait for the process to happen naturally (I don’t want to dilute the results). In case it isn’t clear already, logic plays no real part in any of my decisions today!

So, if we’re really pregnant and it really sticks, it will be an April baby. That sounds like a good time of year to be nine months pregnant… not too hot and not too cold.

Ok, back to trying to work (yeah, right!)

Wish you were here!!! (or I was there… you get the idea!)

So we'll try this blog thing...

Everyone probably knew that even though I shut down my websites that I wouldn't be able to resist.