Saturday, November 3, 2007

Two Many Pregnant Women in One Room

Yep, I meant two, not too. Two pregnant women in one room with a pair of scissors equals a lot less hair for at least one of us.

I did exactly what one of the pregnancy books said not to do. It said, "Don't cut your hair into some short style that you think will be cute but really will make your face look fat." Ok, it didn't say exactly that, but close enough.

Anyway, I guess when I told the 8-week pregnant woman who cuts my hair that last time we left it a little too long in the back, she interpreted it to mean that I needed to go from shoulder length hair to above the chin length hair.

I'll take a photo when the shock wears off.


Creative Girl said...

Oh no! Who cut your hair? You probably look adorable anyway, but... the shock is understandable. :)

Rosemarie said...

My hair grew really fast while I was pregnant and then it fell out by the handful when Joseph turned 4 months. So, you either chop it now or chop it later. I'm sure you look just fine! As far as doctors...Clara Krebs was my doctor at St. Pete's and she was super with bedside manner and really cared about her patients. And....she guaranteed that she'd be the doctor to deliver your baby...unless you had it in the lobby and she couldn't make it in time. Check her out!

Creative Girl said...

I saw Dr. Krebs for one visit when my regular doc wasn't available. She was the best doctor I had seen. I would recommend her too.