Saturday, November 17, 2007

Week 17, Day 3

Not too much to report. I do think I felt the baby moving, but it's such a strange little feeling that I just can't be sure. The couple times I thought I felt something it felt like little bubbles bursting or little tiny twitches on the left side of my tummy. It's either the baby or the strangest indigestion I've ever had. Considering pregnancy has been full of strange things, I don't count out the indigestion idea.

I have managed to start cleaning things up a little bit around here. I think I was blocked by the fact that I was determined that what is now the office just had to be the baby's room rather than the more obvious choice of the guest room right next door to the office. The "office as baby room" decision would have required moving desks, beds and other heavy furniture between the two rooms and a rather extensive closet cleaning. (The office closet has been the home of all of my books for the last two years. The very same books that caused friends to run screaming when I asked for their help with moving in the past.) Anyway, I made the decision to go with the guest room for the baby's room. It might not be my ideal choice, but it's a heck of a lot easier.

My energy level is a bit better, but I still found myself out of breath just trying to wrestle the new duvet cover onto the duvet this morning. As soon as I had the whole thing on there, I realized that I had the duvet sideways in the cover. First Trimester Shelly would have just said "whatever" and left it. Second Trimester Shelly rested for a minute and then redid the whole thing. (Ok, let's be serious, First Trimester Shelly would have just left the cover off and crawled back into bed, covers or no covers.)

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Creative Girl said...

Love how you talk about your behavior in reference to the trimester you are in! Glad you have a *little* more energy now. Looking forward to seeing what you do with that room ;)