Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Week 24, Day 7

I guess on my ten month pregnancy calendar, I'm officially six months pregnant today! Just two weeks until the glory days of my second trimester are over.

The baby seems to be right on schedule and moves around a lot. Very early this morning the power people and their power trucks got to work on our little power outage problem. All through the night their trucks were beeping as they backed up and rumbling as they went forward, and I think the baby could hear them too because she was kicking and kicking.

Did I mention that I love electricity? When the power came back on (temporarily at first from about 1:30 AM to 2:30 AM and then off again for a few hours), I was somehow comforted by all the little lights in the bedroom that I don't usually notice like the clock on the cable box and the smoke detector network light. All the little lights that quietly announce, "Hey guys, you have electricity!"

On another subject, I finally broke down and ordered some maternity clothes. I had been getting by on all of the clothes that Rosemarie gave me plus some stretchy shirts, yoga pants (which I am lucky enough to be able to wear even to work, but I don't always feel like looking like I just got out of bed), and three pairs "big girl" jeans that I bought one or two sizes larger than my normal size. The main problem is the pants. Very early in my pregnancy, I was wearing maternity pants from Rosemarie. Much earlier than I needed to be wearing maternity clothes, but they fit, and they were comfortable on my uncomfortable belly. (I should mention here that Rosemarie and I are around the same height, but that Rosemarie's weight at the end of her pregnancy was the same as me at the beginning of mine. I try not to think of that too often.) Then I graduated to the "big girl" jeans. Thank goodness they make stretchy denim look attractive these days. Now, at six months, the "big girl" jeans still fit, but I'm either adjusting them all the time when they slide down or they aren't comfortable. SO, I was going to get brave and venture into my first maternity store this past Saturday. Then I chickened out and ordered clothes online that hopefully will fit. In my order are four pairs of full panel pregnancy pants. I think these are exactly the kind of pants I said I didn't want to wear when I got pregnant. Oh well. I got the email notices that the packages are on the way, so I guess I'll have a verdict soon!

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Creative Girl said...

Glad you have electricty back! I know what you mean about those little lights. We often forget that they are even there, but when gone, it's pretty noticable!