Monday, February 18, 2008

Must Grout Tile... Must Grout Tile...

There's a small tile project that I started TWO YEARS AGO that still isn't grouted. Here's where the excuses (and continued procrastination) start. 1) It's in a far, far away part of the house that I only visit once a month or so. Do I only visit because every time I go into the room the tile screams at me, "GROUT ME!"? Possibly. 2) I don't know where the grout I purchased is located. (Found it last night... scratch this "reason" off of the list.) 3) There's prep work involved. I'm fine if I can just walk in and do the actual job, but I hate prep work. 4) For a little while, I had a great excuse. I loaned out the grout float to Lea. Unfortunately for me, my responsible friend gave it back. :) 5) There are too many other fun things to do. Duh.

I guess I'll start making the long trek all the way down to the project with all the supplies. Sigh.

P.S. I'm pretty proud of myself that I didn't add being pregnant to the list. I would have had to call myself out on that one because "I just don't wanna" is much more honest.

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Lea said...

I bet you'll be happy to cross that one off the list! Hope you had a good weekend. We were busy with house stuff (as usual) and today I'm working on some side projects at home.

Looking forward to seeing you Friday. :)