Friday, February 8, 2008

Week 29, Day 2

11 weeks to go and all I see are lists, lists, lists. My brain hasn't been thinking in full sentences lately, only in lists. I've started lists for things to get done around the house (I think we've whittled down that list of 35 things to around 10 or so), lists of people to call when the baby is on the way, lists of things I need to take to the hospital, lists of baby shower thoughts, lists of my lists... I suppose you get the idea. And if you have something to do on one of my lists, run if you see me headed your way. (My poor husband.)

I get to do some fun stuff this weekend. Yay! I'm hanging out with Missy and Lea tonight for a girls night in, and then Lea and I are going to work on some fun art projects for the baby's room tomorrow. If that goes well, photos will follow. Then tomorrow night we're headed to an end of duck season party. If you've never been to one, well, it involves eating duck. Duck sausage, pan cooked duck, and probably some other duck stuff that I don't need to know about. Oh, and last year's involved people practicing their duck calls. That part was kind of painful. If I'm "in a mood" tomorrow, the pain might get spread around a bit.

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