Monday, February 11, 2008

Week 29, Day 5

A SUPER weekend full of friends and creativity... Missy, Lea and I had a great girls night of eating and chatting. We're hoping to continue our get togethers on a regular basis. I'm certainly up for that at least until the baby gets here. I'll probably need the get togethers even more after that happens.

Lea and I made lots of cool art on Saturday (photos coming soon), and I was so inspired that I kept going all through the weekend. Ok, I did rest a little on Saturday night. I had worn myself out!

Baby is kicking and kicking. We're starting to get to that phase where you can see her rolling around in there. It's very strange to see it from the outside. As soon as I get used to one phase of this pregnancy thing, another one rolls into town. Back aches seems to be one of the new constants. Nothing too bad yet though.

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