Monday, February 25, 2008

Week 31, Day 5

On a very happy note, my parents are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary! Yay (for surviving raising four kids in the process) and Happy Anniversary!

On the usual and much less impressive baby topic, pregnancy seems to have lots of ups and downs. All of that is probably more interesting for all of you to read about than this "somewhere in the middle" phase I'm in right now. All is well and seems to be on schedule. I'm certainly not complaining. "Somewhere in the middle" is a good place to be with a little over eight weeks to go.

Things on the home front are a little more interesting. We're looking into putting our house on the market really soon, so we're rushing about working on house details. I'm in denial about the fact that it's completely crazy to try to sell our house while we're having a baby. I'm using the denial thing to cope with the fact that we have no plan for what will happen if the house actually sells quickly. I'm relying on the fact that we always manage to figure it out. This time with a baby in tow.

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Lea said...

Aaaahhhh! :)

And congrats to your parents!