Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a war...

...between the baby and my internal organs. And the baby is winning. There is a foot jammed up into the right side of my abdomen. I think the baby is in training for the Johnny Jump Up Olympics. I have a feeling one of those gadgets is in our future.

I was somewhat comforted by a pregnancy website today that said that the baby's growth rate is slowing down. I wasn't comforted by the fact that as I looked forward into the coming weeks, the poll they took showed that the number of women who were feeling great dramatically declined between weeks 36 and 40 and the number of women who were feeling "ugh... bad" dramatically increased.

Let's hope it's not time for one of those "you're a tough girl, you can handle it" speeches from my husband.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lots of stuff...

The beautiful "easter egg" quilt my mom made for me arrived yesterday. It will be perfect for cuddling when the baby gets here.

A gift from my dad arrived with the package too. It's also perfect because I'm going to NEED something to smile about when it really is three in the morning, and we're all awake for the "party."

AND, the bags are almost packed. I'm pretty sure I'll be saying "almost packed" all the way up until it's time to go to the hospital.

I spent a long evening last night trying to upgrade the security software on my computer. I guess in the end I was victorious, but only after about three or four hours of work. I lost count of how long it took when I fell asleep in the middle of the installation. Lea already had to listen to the whole torturous story this morning, so you can all thank her for my not wanting to recount the whole thing in print.

Last night was also a long night of heartburn. I'm sure it could have been much worse, but it certainly wasn't a ton of fun. I did spend quite a bit of time letting my mind wander about all the creative projects that I'd like to do. Too many ideas and not enough energy/motivation.

Today I'm working on thank you notes for a bit, and then Lea and I are going to have lunch. Yummy! Later on, we're going to get together again plus Dave to watch a movie that I've been waiting to see (August Rush). Lots of activities to keep me busy until Doug returns tomorrow morning.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Week 36, Day 2

Today's doctor appointment went well. I did gain five pounds in two weeks though. Well, actually, I think that's the scale's fault. Some of the nurses weigh me on the digital scale and some of the nurses weigh me on the old fashioned manual scale. Every time they switch me to the digital scale, it says I gained a whole bunch of weight. Stupid digital scale.

I had the usual weigh in (creeping up on the big 2-0-0), urine sample, blood pressure (120/76), listen to baby's heartbeat (138 bpm), and belly measure (right on schedule). Then I had a strep swab test and my first internal exam. My cervix is softening, but not dilated yet. That's good news... making progress, but not going into labor any time in the immediate future.

I think the next four weeks will be both the fastest and slowest four weeks of my life. The whole pregnancy seems to have gone by very fast, but now that things are getting more uncomfortable, there are days that seem to crawl by. I fidget at my desk all day trying to get comfortable. (My dad would probably say that I've been fidgeting since I've been a teenager, so what's new?)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I forgot to mention...

I am 99 percent sure that there will be weight gain to report after tomorrow's doctor visit. Lately all I want to eat is sugar...Cadbury Creme eggs, Frosted Flakes, Starburst, Girl Scout Cookies. If I could get my hands on a dozen doughnuts, there would be no stopping me. The baby is going to come out screaming for Fruit Loops.

Week 36, Day 1

Four weeks to go... oh my! I'll save all that pregnancy stuff for tomorrow after my doctor appointment.
On a different note, when I got out of the shower, they were staring at me.

I'm not sure I want to know what they were thinking.

And on yet even another note, it's been snowing here. Not a lot in our area, but enough to make spring think twice about getting here. All the little flowers are frozen.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Week 35, Day 3

Baby preparations continue... lots of tags removed from teeny, tiny baby clothes and the first loads of laundry have begun. Still enjoying flowers from the baby shower (thank you, Lea!) and writing lots of thank you notes.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Week 35, Day 1

Well, it's been an interesting journey getting to week 35. I think a few weeks back I commented that everything was pretty boring. Well, I suppose I was just begging for things to get complicated. Anyway, I don't need to go into all of that right now. On with the show...

I'm getting big. The "my innie bellybutton is now 90 percent outie" kind of big. The baby is getting big too. My belly puts Santa's to shame. I now have no trouble imagining where whomever wrote that movie script for Alien thought of the idea of some kind of creature coming out of someone's stomach. There definitely must have been a pregnancy involved.

Now that the baby's arrival is rapidly approaching, I feel like I'm on a speeding train and I've just realized that someone forgot to install any brakes. I don't think even Super Grover can help me now.

I've noticed that strangers smile at me more now that I'm so obviously pregnant. Pregnancy and babies seem to capture people's attention in a nice way. Or they're smiling because they think watching a fully-grown adult waddle like a duck is just good entertainment.

Monday, March 17, 2008

More about childbirth class

I forgot to mention a few other cool items of note about yesterday's class.

They put a little computer chip on the baby's umbilical cord clamp that has a partner sensor in the baby's hospital crib. If you take the baby too far away from the crib or if you try to take the baby with the crib outside of certain areas, alarms go off and the whole place goes under lock down until all babies are accounted for. I had no idea that kind of security existed.

I also found out that during labor there's a one-to-one relationship between mother and nurse. I figured that each nurse had a couple of moms, but evidently you have your own personal nurse.

AND I found out that once the baby is born (if everything is OK with the baby) they let you hold the baby to bond for an hour or more and they can delay all the weighing and measuring until a little later. They do all the baby clean up stuff with the baby resting on the mom.

We were pretty exhausted last night and went to bed around 8 or so, I think. That's not a cool item of note, that's just a plain ole fact. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Childbirth Class

Well, we survived childbirth class just fine. It was a long day, but it was educational.

I knew that we would be practicing breathing exercises, but I didn't know they had a way to have real pain to deal with while practicing. The instructor had us take a handful (and later two handfuls) of ice and hold onto it for the length of a contraction. At first we did it without the breathing exercises, and then with. HOLDING ICE FOR 60 SECONDS HURTS! Once we got over feeling silly for staring at each other and doing labor breathing (hee-hee-whoooo stopped being funny when pain from the ice set in), Doug and I made a good team. But it still makes me think that I'm glad epidurals are an option if I can't deal with the pain.

One other thing I didn't expect was that during the tour at the end of the class, I felt like a non-pregnant visitor on my way to see someone at the hospital. I certainly didn't feel like someone who was going to be occupying one of those rooms a few weeks from now.

6 weeks to go and...

Even more happenings...

I had some lovely baby showers and received tons of adorable baby stuff. Lots of thank you notes to write and photos to be posted soon.

Doug survived his 41st birthday, but just barely. Congrats, honey! We had a great time out with Lea and Dave last night to celebrate.

The house deal fell through, so we're moving on to listing the house. We'll be listing a tiny bit later than we wanted to, but that's just the way things go.

We're headed to childbirth class today. We opted for the get-it-all-over-with-in-one-day class. It will be interesting to see the other people in the class. I envision being surrounded by couples in their twenties who are having their second or third child. Doug and I are not the most patient students, so we'll see how we do. Doug got a new watch for his birthday, so I told him he could play with it through the class and pretend he's figuring out how to time contractions.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Photo... still growin'

P.S. The belly button is definitely sticking out now. Oh, and I only really have two pairs of jeans that still fit.

Week 32, Day 7

Today's doctor appointment went well. No weight gain for me again, but the baby is still growing just fine. Her heart rate is in the 140s, and my blood pressure is normal. The baby is still head down, and she put on quite a show for the doctor with kicking and hiccups. My next appointment is in two weeks and that's when all the real fun starts with internal exams. I'll go every week after my next appointment.

No other real news... all kinds of inspections going on at the house for the house sale, and we're keeping very busy with planning and list making.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Lots of Changes

Lots of big life-altering changes for us. It's a huge deal for us to be having a baby (in just seven weeks!), but now we've topped that by getting and accepting an offer on our house. My friend and realtor Missy found a buyer for our house BEFORE it went on the market. (A BIG THANKS to Missy!) SO, add packing and moving to the big list of changes. Fortunately the buyers agreed to let us rent the house back from them until June 30th. That gives us a bit more time to do a few things like ohhhhh, have the baby. Little stuff like that.

Now we're faced with the big "where do we want to go with our lives from here" question. I think the plan is the midwest like Doug and I have talked about, but there are lots of things that have to fall into place to make that happen. Doug and I both woke up at 4 AM this morning with timelines on the brain. As anyone who knows me can imagine, there are lists and lists and more lists.

On the topic of changes, pregnancy is changing a bit. Things are hurting more and every twinge or small cramp seems to be a reality check that the baby is really going to be here soon. A new and most interesting symptom is some numbness in my arms. Don't worry Mom, I read that this is normal due to the build up of fluids pressing on things like your carpal tunnel. Kind of strange and not exactly comfortable, but evidently harmless. The baby is definitely heavier and putting pressure on all kinds of internal organs. My fingers are swelling a bit, and I've resorted to wearing my wedding band on a necklace and only my engagement ring on my finger (it's a bit larger). More fun and changes to come, I'm sure!

P.S. I bought some diapers! :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Week 32, Day 6

It seems like the blogs I read are pretty quiet lately. Perhaps they're all as busy as I am? (Yes, sissy, this is a plea for some updates. I miss you guys!) :)

All is well here. We just have a few details left to finish on the house before it goes on the market on Thursday. Yay! No matter how much you love your house and how much work you've put into it, this whole house selling thing is nerve wracking! The realtors do a walk through on Thursday and fill out comment cards. It makes me nervous to have people judge the house, but at the same time, I want to know what they think.

Add a pregnancy to all of that and you've got a recipe for some fun times.

I feel like I should be a little more prepared for the baby to get here. That is, I should have at least purchased some diapers by now. In that movie we saw about babies on Saturday, the director went into labor at 32 weeks. She was freaking out because she really hadn't prepared at all. She didn't have a place for the baby to sleep, and she definitely didn't have diapers. That's probably what's behind my desire to buy diapers. I think a trip to Target is in the near future. One more thing I can check off of my lists!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week 32, Day 4

My 32 week doctor appointment went well. When the nurse was taking my blood pressure, I told her I thought it would be high because of all the putting the house on the market stuff, but it was normal (120/68). No weight gain this time, but my tummy is still measuring right on track. Evidently all the movement I feel up high is the baby's feet. She's managed to turn head down already and seems to delight in stretching out as much and as often as she possibly can.

Lots of people want to feel the baby move now. Of course as soon as they put their hand on there, the baby quiets down. I tell them it's like watching for whales. You wait and wait and wait and then maybe something will surface. That's kind of what it looks like too. You can see big movements rolling across the top of my tummy and then can't see anything else for a long time.

Baby is also getting the hiccups a lot lately too. I've been hearing that's pretty common, but it still feels funny. Doug and I were up from about 2 AM to 5 AM last night, and there were lots of baby hiccups to keep us entertained.

Lea, Dave and I went to Seattle yesterday to see a documentary called "The Business of Being Born." It's mainly about how the birthing process in the US is much more medical than in other countries and how hospitals/doctors push things along with chemicals/c-sections rather than letting a woman's body do what it knows how to do. It also described how the same hormones that cause labor also cause a mother to instinctually protect and bond with the baby, and that the chemicals the doctor gives you to induce labor, despite being a synthetic version of the natural hormone, don't perform the same function. I've never had a baby, so what the heck do I know, but the movie was had some pretty convincing arguments. It was a pretty emotional film, and I got weepy several times. After getting worked up but not crying, I knew that I'd have to have a good cry before too long, and my 2 AM movie (Griffin and Phoenix) did the trick. It has some pretty sad parts, but even the happier parts made me teary-eyed. Pregnancy hormones are a pretty crazy ride.