Sunday, March 16, 2008

6 weeks to go and...

Even more happenings...

I had some lovely baby showers and received tons of adorable baby stuff. Lots of thank you notes to write and photos to be posted soon.

Doug survived his 41st birthday, but just barely. Congrats, honey! We had a great time out with Lea and Dave last night to celebrate.

The house deal fell through, so we're moving on to listing the house. We'll be listing a tiny bit later than we wanted to, but that's just the way things go.

We're headed to childbirth class today. We opted for the get-it-all-over-with-in-one-day class. It will be interesting to see the other people in the class. I envision being surrounded by couples in their twenties who are having their second or third child. Doug and I are not the most patient students, so we'll see how we do. Doug got a new watch for his birthday, so I told him he could play with it through the class and pretend he's figuring out how to time contractions.

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