Sunday, March 16, 2008

Childbirth Class

Well, we survived childbirth class just fine. It was a long day, but it was educational.

I knew that we would be practicing breathing exercises, but I didn't know they had a way to have real pain to deal with while practicing. The instructor had us take a handful (and later two handfuls) of ice and hold onto it for the length of a contraction. At first we did it without the breathing exercises, and then with. HOLDING ICE FOR 60 SECONDS HURTS! Once we got over feeling silly for staring at each other and doing labor breathing (hee-hee-whoooo stopped being funny when pain from the ice set in), Doug and I made a good team. But it still makes me think that I'm glad epidurals are an option if I can't deal with the pain.

One other thing I didn't expect was that during the tour at the end of the class, I felt like a non-pregnant visitor on my way to see someone at the hospital. I certainly didn't feel like someone who was going to be occupying one of those rooms a few weeks from now.

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Lea said...

Glad you made it through! I was thinking about you guys all day!