Friday, March 7, 2008

Lots of Changes

Lots of big life-altering changes for us. It's a huge deal for us to be having a baby (in just seven weeks!), but now we've topped that by getting and accepting an offer on our house. My friend and realtor Missy found a buyer for our house BEFORE it went on the market. (A BIG THANKS to Missy!) SO, add packing and moving to the big list of changes. Fortunately the buyers agreed to let us rent the house back from them until June 30th. That gives us a bit more time to do a few things like ohhhhh, have the baby. Little stuff like that.

Now we're faced with the big "where do we want to go with our lives from here" question. I think the plan is the midwest like Doug and I have talked about, but there are lots of things that have to fall into place to make that happen. Doug and I both woke up at 4 AM this morning with timelines on the brain. As anyone who knows me can imagine, there are lists and lists and more lists.

On the topic of changes, pregnancy is changing a bit. Things are hurting more and every twinge or small cramp seems to be a reality check that the baby is really going to be here soon. A new and most interesting symptom is some numbness in my arms. Don't worry Mom, I read that this is normal due to the build up of fluids pressing on things like your carpal tunnel. Kind of strange and not exactly comfortable, but evidently harmless. The baby is definitely heavier and putting pressure on all kinds of internal organs. My fingers are swelling a bit, and I've resorted to wearing my wedding band on a necklace and only my engagement ring on my finger (it's a bit larger). More fun and changes to come, I'm sure!

P.S. I bought some diapers! :)

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