Monday, March 17, 2008

More about childbirth class

I forgot to mention a few other cool items of note about yesterday's class.

They put a little computer chip on the baby's umbilical cord clamp that has a partner sensor in the baby's hospital crib. If you take the baby too far away from the crib or if you try to take the baby with the crib outside of certain areas, alarms go off and the whole place goes under lock down until all babies are accounted for. I had no idea that kind of security existed.

I also found out that during labor there's a one-to-one relationship between mother and nurse. I figured that each nurse had a couple of moms, but evidently you have your own personal nurse.

AND I found out that once the baby is born (if everything is OK with the baby) they let you hold the baby to bond for an hour or more and they can delay all the weighing and measuring until a little later. They do all the baby clean up stuff with the baby resting on the mom.

We were pretty exhausted last night and went to bed around 8 or so, I think. That's not a cool item of note, that's just a plain ole fact. :)

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Lea said...

Those are all awesome! So glad your little one will have an alarm. She's gonna be so cute - we don't want anyone to steal her! :)