Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week 32, Day 4

My 32 week doctor appointment went well. When the nurse was taking my blood pressure, I told her I thought it would be high because of all the putting the house on the market stuff, but it was normal (120/68). No weight gain this time, but my tummy is still measuring right on track. Evidently all the movement I feel up high is the baby's feet. She's managed to turn head down already and seems to delight in stretching out as much and as often as she possibly can.

Lots of people want to feel the baby move now. Of course as soon as they put their hand on there, the baby quiets down. I tell them it's like watching for whales. You wait and wait and wait and then maybe something will surface. That's kind of what it looks like too. You can see big movements rolling across the top of my tummy and then can't see anything else for a long time.

Baby is also getting the hiccups a lot lately too. I've been hearing that's pretty common, but it still feels funny. Doug and I were up from about 2 AM to 5 AM last night, and there were lots of baby hiccups to keep us entertained.

Lea, Dave and I went to Seattle yesterday to see a documentary called "The Business of Being Born." It's mainly about how the birthing process in the US is much more medical than in other countries and how hospitals/doctors push things along with chemicals/c-sections rather than letting a woman's body do what it knows how to do. It also described how the same hormones that cause labor also cause a mother to instinctually protect and bond with the baby, and that the chemicals the doctor gives you to induce labor, despite being a synthetic version of the natural hormone, don't perform the same function. I've never had a baby, so what the heck do I know, but the movie was had some pretty convincing arguments. It was a pretty emotional film, and I got weepy several times. After getting worked up but not crying, I knew that I'd have to have a good cry before too long, and my 2 AM movie (Griffin and Phoenix) did the trick. It has some pretty sad parts, but even the happier parts made me teary-eyed. Pregnancy hormones are a pretty crazy ride.

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