Friday, March 28, 2008

Week 36, Day 2

Today's doctor appointment went well. I did gain five pounds in two weeks though. Well, actually, I think that's the scale's fault. Some of the nurses weigh me on the digital scale and some of the nurses weigh me on the old fashioned manual scale. Every time they switch me to the digital scale, it says I gained a whole bunch of weight. Stupid digital scale.

I had the usual weigh in (creeping up on the big 2-0-0), urine sample, blood pressure (120/76), listen to baby's heartbeat (138 bpm), and belly measure (right on schedule). Then I had a strep swab test and my first internal exam. My cervix is softening, but not dilated yet. That's good news... making progress, but not going into labor any time in the immediate future.

I think the next four weeks will be both the fastest and slowest four weeks of my life. The whole pregnancy seems to have gone by very fast, but now that things are getting more uncomfortable, there are days that seem to crawl by. I fidget at my desk all day trying to get comfortable. (My dad would probably say that I've been fidgeting since I've been a teenager, so what's new?)

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