Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Week 37, Day 7 - It's Official...

... I waddle.

I'm in a good mood today despite some greater than "normal" hip/back pain and the whold waddling thing. Baby was super kicky yesterday and didn't settle down until I laid down on my side. I think I was squishing her with the jeans I was wearing. That pretty much means I'm down to one pair of jeans I can comfortably wear. I guess it's yoga pants from here on out.

On other fronts, the house goes on the market on Friday. We'll have a realtor preview tomorrow, so we'll see what kind of comments come out of that. A BIG thank you to Missy for putting up with us and this whole process.

Doctor visit is tomorrow. I'm sure I'll have something to say after that.

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Lea said...

Thank goodness for yoga pants! :)