Thursday, April 10, 2008

Week 38, Day 1

I would like to have my uterus back. Not my whole body, mind you, because I think that would be an unrealistic expectation based on what's coming up, and I wouldn't want to get my hopes up. Just the uterus. My internal organs would like to go back to somewhere close to their old locations. That's all I need at the moment.

With that said, I can honestly say that I'm not trying to wish away the next few weeks of pregnancy because I know I'm in for a whole lot of work once the baby gets here. And I'm in a decent mood for most of the day, so other than the normal aches and pains, not too much to gripe about.

SO, on with the doctor report... there's nothing to report. :) Ok, that's not exactly true. What there is to report is that everything is right on track and seems normal. I DID have an internal exam, so for those cervix report fans... it's softening, the outer part of the "sleeve" is open, but the inner part (the part that counts when trying to figure out if baby is on the way or not) is still closed. Oh yes, and I lost about three pounds in two weeks. Which means absolutely nothing other than I stopped eating doughnuts. For now.

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Lea said...

Well, soon enough on the uterus, I guess! Week 38! Congrats on the weight loss. Maybe a few doughnuts won't hurt. ;)