Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Week 38, Day 6

I guess I haven't had much to blog about lately. No real baby news at the moment. I thought that "something" was happening on Sunday evening, but I laid down and it went away. My theory is that it was just gas, not the beginning of one of the biggest moments in our lives. There's a joke in that somewhere, but I must have lost the ability to be funny yesterday when I realized that I no longer could tie my shoes without serious effort or help.

Actually, I'm hanging in there OK. I still have the expected discomforts and mood swings, and it's not always easy to get up from the couch or out of the bed, but I'm still managing fine. The plan is still to work until Friday and then sit around and stare at the walls until the baby shows up after that. I wonder if it's too late to run that marathon I've never wanted to run before the baby gets here. Or perhaps to finish that cross stitch I've been "working on" since 1994.

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Lea said...

Hey - I miss you!