Monday, April 21, 2008

Week 39, Day 5

Nothing radical to report today. Actually, I've recently revisited an early pregnancy idea... it's all just so surreal. Pregnancy for me, that is. One would think that by now pregnancy would be just a fact of life. Truth is, except for a few moments when I forget, I've never quite gotten used to the whole idea. I guess when you spend most of your life thinking that you won't have children, that notion doesn't just evaporate overnight (or over nine months).

I suppose I won't have to think that pregnancy is surreal for much longer. In a few days, I won't have time or brain space to think about much except taking care of a baby.

I'm willing to bet that when our daughter is ten years old (or twenty or thirty) I'll still be saying that it's so surreal that I'm a mom.

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Missy Watts said...

Wait until she comes out and you just look at her thinking,"she was just inside of me, tied to me with a cord and not breathing oxygen..."