Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Week 40, Day 6

No baby, no baby, no baby. The doctor appointment today was intense. I had quite a thorough pelvic exam that only revealed that I'm still two centimeters dilated. I don't know if the doctor was trying to wave hello to the baby or maybe she lost something up in there. In the middle of doing the quite painful exam, she casually mentioned, "Has anyone talked to you about the likelihood that you might have a c-section because the baby is so high?" I told her that I'd be glad to discuss that as soon as she finished whatever she was doing down there.

Anyway, after that bit of fun, I had a non-stress test to see how the baby is doing. It's a good thing that they were trying to figure out if the baby was stressed rather than me. The baby seems to be fine other than wanting to fall asleep during the test. They had to use some noise maker thing twice to wake her up.

We are now scheduled for an induction at 7:30 AM on Monday, May 5 and another non stress test this Friday to see if we need to do anything sooner. I figure we're going to have to change her name from "Harper Jane" to "Harper Juanita" now in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Hopefully my mom (Jane) won't mind.

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