Thursday, July 24, 2008

An actual update with real words

I haven't had much to write for a while. I suppose baby brain has replaced pregnancy brain. Top that with all the turmoil going on in our lives and I guess what you'd get is a bunch of blah, blah, blah about moving and houses and work and worry and whatever. Thanks to the folks who have continued to post stuff on their blogs for me to read. It's nice to read about other people's lives even when (especially when) I have nothing to say.

We're doing well despite all the changes. We are sort of starting to settle into a routine. Harper is still sleeping around seven hours a night. (I dread those nights when she conks out at 9 PM.) She wakes up for a bottle and then we nap together until around 9 AM or so. After that we hang out until I turn her over to Ruby at 10 AM so I can work. The first few weeks were really hard. I could hear Harper just outside the office door. I was sad that I needed to stay busy working. Headphones and no excuses to leave the room seem to be a pretty good answer, but occasionally I drink all my water down in big gulps so I do have a tiny excuse to peek at her.

Harper is doing really well. She's babbling and doing little razz-berries at us. She smiles a lot and loves to kick. I have some ABC and word flash cards that she just stares at when I read them to her. She likes books too, but typically she only has enough patience to make it through about half. I never realized how long some of those Dr. Seuss books are. She still loves to go outside and that almost always calms her down when she's fussy.

Harper has been eating well. I don't think the doctor will be disappointed with her weight gain when we go to our next appointment (early September). She's an eating machine (Beefcake, Beefcake!) . Right now we're giving her half formula and half breast milk. I'm in the process of weaning her off of breast milk completely. I had several reasons for weaning, and it was a very hard decision, but Harper doesn't seem to mind formula at all. I still pump, but only when I'm uncomfortable.

We're pretty settled into our temporary home here. We're comfortable, but I'd still like things to move forward so we can start looking for a house. I looked at the pictures of our Washington house online yesterday, and I was fine until I saw a photo of Harper's room. That made me kind of homesick. I miss our friends, our home, and even our routine.

Ok, enough about that. I have enough ups and downs from hormones that I don't need to go creating my own highs and lows.

That's our update for the moment.

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Lea said...

We miss you too! Tons. And tons.