Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Phone Sweet Phone

Cell phones are sweet. I often forget that there are cameras on cell phones these days (just one more thing to make me feel older, I suppose). We've been sending and receiving pictures lately, and I thought I'd share. The photo above is one I sent to Doug one early morning while he was in Ohio and we were still in Washington.

The next photo is one we got from Dave and Lea when they babysat for Harper. That was really our first time away from her, so it was cool to get an update!

The other day we chased the hot air balloons, but forgot our camera. Doug improvised with his cell phone.

Yesterday Uncle Dave sent photos of Will and Ruby playing with Harper.

And to cap things off, just a few minutes ago Doug just sent me a photo he's been saving of what appears to be my butt crack on display while setting up Christmas trees at my brother's wedding reception last, last Christmas. Thanks, honey.

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Thomas said...

Doesn't Doug know that crack kills!?!?! :)