Friday, August 29, 2008


I HATE being told that I can't do something that I want to do. For instance, my husband just told me that I can't write something on my blog that I wanted to write about. In fact, had already written about and was about to publish. Being told that I CAN'T makes me angry. Very angry.

Part of starting this blog was to give me an outlet for venting about my pregnancy and my life because how many times does someone want to HEAR me talk about being miserable/worried/sad/whatever? But if I BLOG about it, well, you can choose to read or not to read. Up to you.

It was simply a side benefit that I could use the blog to communicate stuff about pregnancy to all of my family and friends at the same time. It made my life easier, and I guarantee it helped make me a more pleasant person when I wasn't in the mood to relay information on the phone to twelve different people.

And now I'm supposed to filter because oh my goodness, someone might read that.

Still angry. Blogging isn't helping right now either. I may have hit the maximum capacity for what one person can handle. Coping mechanisms, don't fail me now.

Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy,

I'm a big girl now, almost four months old. I thought I'd better tell you the way it's going to be.

I don't need those silly nap things that you keep trying to get me to take.

Also, I have some more needs now. You'd better find some better ideas for entertaining me than some teethers and a funny looking frog because I can't reach that TV remote yet to entertain myself. Think Exersaucer, Mama. It's time.

One last thing. I've figured out that whole early morning pacifier thing, and I want milk and a cuddle, Lady.

- Your loving daughter Harper

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hello, World!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dear Manufacturer

5:00 AM

I hear Harper stirring. It's way too early for her to get up. I reach from the bed and pull her bassinet over to me disregarding the manufacturer's strict instructions not to move the bassinet with the baby in it.

(Dear Bassinet Manufacturer: Why did you put wheels on the bassinet when it's light enough to carry? You KNOW I'm going to move it with the baby in it despite all your warnings. If you'd left the wheels off I'd be forced to get out of bed.)

I move as far over to the edge of the bed as I can without falling out, grope around Harper's head for her pacifier, and put it in her mouth. While laying down in the bed with my arm dangling over the side into Harper's bassinet, I hold her pacifier in place with my index, middle and ring fingers while she grasps my thumb and pinkie finger. I close my eyes, willing the baby to go back to sleep. She'd rather not. She keeps wrapping her legs around my arm and moving her head from side to side trying to escape the pacifier. I persist. So does she.

5:10 AM

Still hanging on the edge of the bed on pacifier duty. My arm is almost asleep, and Harper almost is too. Doug flips over in the antique double bed we're sleeping in at my in-law's house. The flipping over causes loud creaking in the bed frame. The baby startles and manages to spit out the pacifier despite my attempts to keep it in her mouth. I start the groping around her head again which she responds to by moving her head around trying to eat my hand. I locate the pacifier. We start over.

(Dear Pacifier Manufacturer: Why don't you invent some kind of sticky stuff that will keep this pacifier in my baby's mouth so I don't have to hold it in there for her now that she's figured out how to take the pacifier out but not put it back in? Something for the Super Glue folks to think about.)

5:25 AM

STILL hanging over the side of the bed. Harper is so close. So close. I hear Pap moving around in the room next door. Pap is 85 years old and mostly deaf. He makes more racket than a high school drum line. Please don't get out of bed, Pap. Please just be rolling over. Please. Nope. He's getting out of bed. There goes the walker. The loudest walker of all time. Roll, THUD. Roll, THUD. Roll, THUD. The baby is awake.

(Dear Walker Manufacturer: Seriously consider redesigning that thing. I'm begging you.)

5:35 AM

She's asleep. I think. I start to move my arm away. Slowly. Slowly. Slowly. She senses my movement and latches onto my fingers again. I wait a minute. I start to move again. So slowly. So slowly. So slowly. She lets me move away this time. I carefully roll away from the edge of the bed. The bed creaks. I hear her stir. She stays asleep.

I fall back to sleep and dream of pacifiers.

6:30 AM

She's awake. This time she's not taking no (or a pacifier) for an answer. I move the bassinet with the baby in it again - away from the bed this time. I pick her up out of the bassinet and change her diaper. I make her bottle, and we get back into bed so she can eat. She almost falls asleep while she's eating. (No way kid... you got me up for this, you're eating it all.) She manages to finish her bottle and after burping she seems sleepy, so I put her back into her bassinet. Her eyes SNAP wide open and the kicking begins again. No, please no. Go back to sleep, Baby. Mama is still tired. I pick her up out of her bassinet again (this time I actually get out of the bed), and contrary to what all the pediatricians say I climb back into bed with her and pull the covers up over us. She snuggles in and her eyes close almost immediately. We both fall asleep.

(Dear Baby Manufacturer: If I'm not supposed to fall asleep with the baby, why'd you make her so cuddly and sweet? There's no way I can resist.)

Monday, August 25, 2008

16 Weeks

Harper continues to be a ton of fun and such a sweet girl. The hands on the face thing continues to be a funny little thing she does while eating or when she first goes to sleep.

I, on the other hand, seem to be a bit of a cranky pants lately. I'm going to blame it on hormone changes due to discontinuing breast feeding. My hair is falling out in a way that is getting a bit worrisome, and my attitude is the pits. I suppose some of that could be working a full time job plus selling a house, buying a house and being a fairly new mom who is staying in someone else's home. Everyone is pretty much trying to make it as easy on me as possible, but I still get cranky anyway. Saturday night I just about popped my husband's head right off for asking me to do some website stuff for his work. We're all hoping that cranky is just a new phase that will pass just like all the other ones did.

To end on a happier note (happier for me at least), I've been scouring the Goodwill and antique stores in town for stuff. Stuff for the house and stuff for collages. So far I've picked up three super inexpensive chairs to paint, this metal gate thing for the wall to hang up stuff in my "art room" and some books/photos/postcards for collages. Good stuff.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Updates

On the house front, everything is still going well with the Washington and Ohio transactions. Appraisals are done and inspections are settled. Title/Escrow paperwork is well underway and financing is almost complete.

On the baby front, Harper is doing great. She's "talking" more all the time and she reaches and grabs. She likes to chew on teething rings, especially cold ones. She likes to stand up and is getting steadier. She has rubbed a whole stripe bald on her head, but it seems to be growing back a bit.

On the art front, I started some new collages. One of the works in progress is below. (Syd, do you recognize the trims? Thanks for the inspiration!)

On the food front, lookie where we ate the other day!

Happy Days are here again!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Friends

This is Pesky.
And this is Chipper.
They are Harper's new friends who arrived all the way from California today courtesy of Syd at Sheep Floozy. We LOVE these little guys!

You've Come a Long Way Baby!

You've come a long way, Baby! Happy 3rd Birthday (one day belated) to Marshmellow!

AND... don't worry Joy, no photos... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOY! :)

Hangin' Out

Grandpa Mark and I want to know when I get some Cheerios!

("One thing at a time, baby. You haven't even started rice cereal yet!" says the Mama.)

Monday, August 18, 2008

House Photos

Photos here! Some are blurry and they are backwards from the way I took them, but you'll get the idea. Too sleepy to edit at the moment.

The inspection went really well. No real issues... YAY!

Do you like the country blue florals in the kitchen?! Oh, and how about those fabulous counters? Gotta get some stuff updated but it will be the least remodeling needed for any house we've had so far. Another YAY!


We found a buckeye tree at the house we're trying to buy. They're supposed to be lucky. We opened up a baby one and got a baby buckeye. We opened up one more and got the momma and daddy buckeyes. We need all the luck we can get!
Financing for the new house seems to be proceeding as planned. That money stuff always puts me on edge, so I'm feeling lucky that it's going well so far. The inspection is tonight, and we think the house is very solid all around, so if we're lucky we won't have any problems there. We haven't heard anything out of the Washington transaction either, so we're hoping our luck holds there too.
Rubbing my baby buckeye right now. Luck. Luck. Luck.

We Came. We Saw. We Offered!

We found a house and made an offer. They countered. We're accepting!

We weren't going to make a move on a new house until we were completely, completely (completely!) done with the transaction for selling our house. But they have this handy little thing called "contingent on closing" that let us feel OK with moving forward with making an offer.
Here's the house.

It was kind of irresistable because it met everything on our funny little must-have checklist/wishlist. What might our little list be?

  • Newer home. The house was built in 1990 and had a bunch of updates to the important stuff (new roof, heat pumps, appliances) in 2006/2007. Doug's a little tired of the remodeling game and deserves a break. CHECK.
  • Screened-in porch. CHECK.
  • Fenced-in yard. CHECK.
  • Windows that open. Sounds silly, but when you lived in a house with mostly picture windows, suddenly windows that open seem more important. Go figure. CHECK.
  • Laundry by the bedrooms. There's a whole room off of the master with a lovely and ever-so-convenient washer/dryer hook up. CHECK.
  • A good room for Harper. There's a room right next to the master painted the prettiest shade of pale pink that doesn't even need to be touched up. Not even a bad wallpaper border. Way to go, folks! CHECK.
  • BONUS: The house is a ten minute or less walk from my inlaws, and my mother-in-law can continue to be Harper's day care.
It's almost too good to be true. I'm holding my breath until it's all final.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday, August 14, 2008


AND they countered.

AND we accepted.

AND we're going to take what we learned from this experience and move on.



Well, we got an offer. BUT (like I keep saying, there's always a BUT) it was low. That plus sharp fingernails and 4 AM wake-ups makes us sad.
BUT we made a counter offer. That plus fingernail clippers and a tiny bit more sleep makes us a little more hopeful.
BUT Harper still has smiles for everyone. And that makes life good no matter what. Thanks, Harper! You're the sweetest baby.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

House Showing Update

We don't know too much, but we know that the second house showing lasted three hours yesterday. That's a good sign, but we're trying not to get our hopes up. There's always a BUT, and there is with this one too. I guess these folks put a deposit down to build a house somewhere, and they are trying to decide what they want to do. I suppose at this point, I'm just glad there are still people out there in the area looking for a house like ours! Thanks, House Lookers! :)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Bathtime Baby plus a Bonus Happy Bubble


Now for the bonus happy bubble...

We had a house showing yesterday, and they are coming back for a second showing today! Cross your fingers and blow some happy bubbles our way!

You say tomato, I say tomato

Judy came to visit over the weekend, and we went to Lebanon for lunch. Lebanon is a cute little town with antique stores and interesting architecture. I made the silly mistake of calling the town LebaNON. Turns out you pronounce the name LebaNIN. When I asked Doug and Ruby why it's pronounced that way, the answer was "because that's what it's called". Funny phenomeNIN, if you ask me.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Baby's Manicure

And some very "creative" camera work by cousin Zoe.




Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'd like to teach Harper French. Doug said, "Why not teach her Spanish?" Well, if we're going to teach her more than how to find the bathroom or order a beer, I think it's going to have to be French.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I found a flea on the cat yesterday. Sigh. I suppose it was inevitable now that he's living with a dog and another cat. Last night I found him camped out behind my computer monitors. Sue got his first flea treatment today, so I hope the bugs don't abandon ship into my office.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Patriotic Day

Doug's step sister's husband Paul is coming home today from Iraq for two weeks of leave, and we're having a party here for him. Harper is all dressed up in her patriotic colors waiting for his arrival, and she's telling us all about it!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Fuzzy Friday Treat

DON'T TRY listening to the sound. IT HURTS!



Harper was squealing up a storm just before I thought of using the camera for video. Sadly, I don't think the sound on these transferred. : ( We'll work on some higher quality stuff this weekend!

Happy Friday!