Friday, August 29, 2008


I HATE being told that I can't do something that I want to do. For instance, my husband just told me that I can't write something on my blog that I wanted to write about. In fact, had already written about and was about to publish. Being told that I CAN'T makes me angry. Very angry.

Part of starting this blog was to give me an outlet for venting about my pregnancy and my life because how many times does someone want to HEAR me talk about being miserable/worried/sad/whatever? But if I BLOG about it, well, you can choose to read or not to read. Up to you.

It was simply a side benefit that I could use the blog to communicate stuff about pregnancy to all of my family and friends at the same time. It made my life easier, and I guarantee it helped make me a more pleasant person when I wasn't in the mood to relay information on the phone to twelve different people.

And now I'm supposed to filter because oh my goodness, someone might read that.

Still angry. Blogging isn't helping right now either. I may have hit the maximum capacity for what one person can handle. Coping mechanisms, don't fail me now.


Rosemarie said...

Oh yes, we've all been there. How much longer before you are out of the cramped, creaky, quarters and living on your own again? Just remember, keep breathing, take a moment to smell the lavender, and maybe sneak away for a pedicure...I might try that today. :)

Judy said...

Rosemarie has a great suggestion!! Amazing how having someone else pamper you can help relieve some tension. Keep focusing on new house, new house, new house and decorating, decorating, decorating.

Have Doug babysit and get out of the house today. Get some Shelly time!!


concerned reader said...

It seems your comments concerning your husband are all negative. He sounds like a real bum!

unbiased observer said...

He sounds like a very callous and unreasonable man!

Shelly said...

The anonymous comments above are my husband's attempt at making a joke. Or something. Funny, honey. :-P

I almost jumped to your defense. You'll have to work a bit harder at being discreet next time, Dear.

Shelly said...

P.S. Three more weeks until we move to the new house!

Anonymous said...

So now that you have teased us with your post about some offense against GOD and country, can you elude to what it was that should have caused such reaction? Inquiring minds want to know.

Rosemarie said...

We miss your daily entries, but we are enjoying your back-and-forth with Doug. Where is Doug's blog???