Friday, August 29, 2008

Dear Mommy

Dear Mommy,

I'm a big girl now, almost four months old. I thought I'd better tell you the way it's going to be.

I don't need those silly nap things that you keep trying to get me to take.

Also, I have some more needs now. You'd better find some better ideas for entertaining me than some teethers and a funny looking frog because I can't reach that TV remote yet to entertain myself. Think Exersaucer, Mama. It's time.

One last thing. I've figured out that whole early morning pacifier thing, and I want milk and a cuddle, Lady.

- Your loving daughter Harper

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Rosemarie said...

Joseph enjoyed the bouncers at the daycare at this stage. Fortunately we didn't have to buy one. The swing was great too.