Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Updates

On the house front, everything is still going well with the Washington and Ohio transactions. Appraisals are done and inspections are settled. Title/Escrow paperwork is well underway and financing is almost complete.

On the baby front, Harper is doing great. She's "talking" more all the time and she reaches and grabs. She likes to chew on teething rings, especially cold ones. She likes to stand up and is getting steadier. She has rubbed a whole stripe bald on her head, but it seems to be growing back a bit.

On the art front, I started some new collages. One of the works in progress is below. (Syd, do you recognize the trims? Thanks for the inspiration!)

On the food front, lookie where we ate the other day!

Happy Days are here again!

1 comment:

Lea said...

Glad things are moving along! And Sonic! Was that the first time you've been there since moving? And it's not even your birthday. :)