Monday, September 8, 2008

Noteable Notes + A New Set of Wheels

My father-in-law Mark bought old bicycles for all of us! I'll post real photos soon that Mark will take with his good camera (I can't seem to focus my camera at all any more), but as a preview, here's a little detail of MY bike - a HIAWATHA!

Mark is going to fix the bikes up for us. Doug's is a red Huffy, and Harper's is a royal blue tricycle with a blue and white checked seat!

Some Harper updates:

Over the weekend she grabbed her bottle and stuck it straight into her mouth! She had been showing signs of wanting to hold her bottle, but this time she just nailed it! She doesn't do it all of the time, but it's definitely one of her new tricks.

Harper is still working on sitting up and rolling over. She's getting quite squirmy! One of her favorite positions is standing up, and she gets a little irritated when she thinks you're trying to put her to sleep.

She sometimes sucks her thumb, but really not that often. I think she's really chewing on it to make her gums feel better.

She showed her first signs of playing favorites over the weekend. Poor Miss April took her to say hello when they got here on Saturday, and Harper just started crying. When she came back to me, she was fine.

And on a completely different subject:

Overheard at the Antiques Mall on Sunday; Father talking to mother while holding four year old son...

"I still think that a Taser would be a good investment."

And on that note, have a Happy Monday! (Or else!) :)

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