Friday, September 19, 2008


We went to the visitation last night for Tom and Stephanie Bobinger. We guessed that there were around a thousand people there. The line wrapped around the entire outside of the funeral home, and the wait was about three hours to go inside. Once inside, we got to see several posters full of photos and the touching video slideshow that Ron and Paula stayed up all night putting together.

We only visited with Ron, Paula and her family a tiny bit because there were still hundreds of people lined up behind us. I was stricken by the number of people who came to pay their respects. I thought it was an amazing tribute to Tom and Stephanie. You could that they are well loved and will be deeply missed.

Harper was really a trooper through the whole thing. It was a beautiful night weather-wise, so she enjoyed being outside (her favorite place to be). This whole tragedy has made me stop and reflect on how lucky I am and just how fragile life is. Every time I looked down at Harper, I thought about how much I love her and how important it is to have a plan for her. We set a deadline to have our will completed by the end of the month.


susanbuchanan2 said...

i am so sorry for your loss. take care.

Rosemarie said...

Thank you for going and dealing with the crowd. It means a lot. My mom heard about the tragedy in Cincinnati and was surprised when I told her I knew someone who knew them. So sad.