Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Aside from a few things left at Mark and Ruby's house (some hanging clothes, our other computer, and the cat), everything is here.

We had a really long, but really productive day yesterday. I suppose I could blog about how tired I am, but you can imagine that for yourself.

Harper is either going through some house moving changes or she's growing. She's hungry all of the time, demands constant attention, and has woken up the last two nights at 3 AM for a bottle. She's quite the character lately. Lots of demands to be held or looked at and lots of laughing too. I'm sure she's just trying to remind us that she IS the center of our universe.

Ok, enough blogging. I need to either get some more sleep (I've been up since the 3 AM bottle working on setting up the office stuff that I moved yesterday evening) or get started unpacking something. (Hmmm... I wonder which one I'll pick!) :)


Rosemarie said...

Dream dream dream....beach boys tune. I hope you got some sleep. :)

Lea said...

Get some sleep! :) Glad you got (almost) everything there. Feeling like home yet?