Monday, October 13, 2008

Black + Blue = Worry

I fell down. AGAIN. Only half a flight of carpeted stairs this time, but it still hurt. And I'm sure I'll have some lovely bruises to show for it. I can be pretty tough (when I want to be), but I got upset about this one. I didn't get upset because it hurt (cause it did). I got upset because I just fell the other day, and now I fell again, and I can't help but think that I might fall while carrying Harper.

I have the capability to worry about all kinds of bad things that might happen to my sweet baby. I actually had a thought (not a dream, mind you) that an alligator might eat her. It's part of the insane worrying that starts almost the instant you find out you're pregnant and probably doesn't end (ever).

I'm going to try to be more careful. Unfortunately, the kind of careful that is required here involves thinking about every single step I make throughout the day. It's too easy to forget and do something like, oh... I don't know... WALK. {sigh}

Sorry if this wasn't the most coherent post. I may have knocked another screw loose in the fall. After losing brain cells during labor (I'm convinced this happens), a loose screw is just one more thing to worry about.


Lea said...

Ouch! Glad you're OK.

Judy said...

Oh dear. Well, you sounded coherent on the phone! I actually slipped down our stairs with Nathan in my arms when he was a baby. My backside and arms had a few bruises but he was okay. I know how you feel about keeping our children safe.

robbinsnest said...

I'm sure things will be fine. Plus, I'm glad to hear you're okay. Keep your head up and take some deep breaths from time-to-time. A glass of "Two Buck Chuck" would be good as well, but STAY away from the stairs! :-)

I bruised my tailbone last summer when I was playing golf. My spikes caught the stairs coming off the green and I was like a freaking cartoon character going down the each stair on my ass. Needless to say it hurt, but my pride was as well, due to playing with co-workers that included my boss.. *sigh*

Stay smiling. :-D