Saturday, October 18, 2008

Good Day to Thee

Or something Renaissance-y like that. We went to the Renaissance Festival today. It was enjoyable, and it was fun to have a family outing. Harper liked the whole thing after she got going except for the cheering at the jousting. Every time the crowd yelled for the jousters, she startled and cried. We moved a little further away, and all was well. Some photos below of our day:

At first, Harper wasn't too sure about the whole thing.
After a little coaxing, she thought she'd at least give it a try. Here we are looking for food. Can you believe they sell burritos at the festival? I deemed them not Renaissance-y enough, so we had to look for turkey legs. (Guess what we ended up eating even after we found the turkey legs? Chicken fingers and curly fries. Go figure.)
Here we are pre-joust. All smiles.
Hanging out at the Dungeon of Doom. We didn't go in, but thought we needed a castle-y photo of Daddy and Baby.
Another Daddy/Baby photo-op.In the end, we just wore the little princess (who got a pink butterfly wand as a souvenir) out.

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Judy said...


Awesome pics of you guys. Thank you for sharing them today!!!!