Friday, October 3, 2008

This is going to hurt.

This morning Doug and I got up early to get our Ohio drivers licenses. We tried to accomplish this a few weeks ago, but we went on a Monday, and silly us, the office isn't open on Mondays.

I took the drivers test and passed, but evidently there is someone in the state of Arkansas with the same name as me. She happens to be 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds. I could have matched her for weight a few months ago, but I'm afraid I can't figure out a way to grow four inches. She also happens to have failed to appear in court for hot check charges, and as a result, Arkansas revoked her drivers license.

Why is this my problem, you might ask? Ohio doesn't want to give me a license because her name comes up when they put in my date of birth. Actually, after talking with the folks in Arkansas, I found out that we don't even have the same date of birth. We share the same birth day and year, but not the same month. Yep, you got it, somehow they have October and December confused. So, you might be thinking, "Why can't you look it up by SSN?" Well, guess what, that's not how they do it.

So, this morning I got to talk to the Arkansas suspended license office (three times), the Benton District Court, and the Prosecuting Attorney's office (twice). Everyone was very nice, but it took a whole lot of talking to get the Prosecuting Attorney's office to send a clearance letter to the folks in Ohio to say that I am not, in fact, the woman in Arkansas who writes bad checks. Actually, they're sending it to me so that I can send it to the Ohio BMV. All the better, I suppose.

Hmmm... I wonder if they'll let me write a check to pay for the license fees.


Lea said...

Bizarre! Hope you get it sorted out. I think you should definately write them a check. :)

Rosemarie said...

You are definitely in OHIO! That is crazy.

computerguy said...

I hope you can get things sorted out and soon.