Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yummy + Updates

Someone has been eating new foods! So far Harper has eaten some rice cereal and apple sauce, and she's been drinking some diluted apple juice. She makes some pretty funny faces, but last night she seemed to actually be enjoying her rice cereal and kept coming back for more with a big gaping "FEED ME" mouth.

Other notes:
- The photo above is the "before" photo. I'll try to capture the messy "after" photo next time!
- Yes, those are boxes in the photo above. BUT THEY ARE EMPTY!
- If you can see the pink dots on her face, she was bitten by rabid mosquitos! They're so thick around here that you can't go outside without being eaten alive.
- We've been trying to sit down together for dinner every night. Ok, we've only accomplished that two or three times since we moved in, but that's something!
- Harper has been talking even more. Sometimes she says "Mama" but she has no idea what she's saying. One day... one day...
- Harper has been having a constipation problem lately. It was before we started any foods, so we've introduced the tiny drinks of apple juice to try to help.
- She likes The Backyardigans. I try not to have her watch any TV, but... {sigh} I suppose if I'm going to be desperate enough to let her watch something, the Backyardigans seem to be a good choice except that the girl characters can be a bit finicky and arbitrary in their attitudes. She'll probably get enough of that from her mother.
- We are slowly making it through the unpacking; however, I find that I'd rather do art stuff than unpack. What a surprise.
- Speaking of artwork, I'm trying to work on a book that my friend Judy's husband Clay wrote. It's slow going because I'm not used to doing so much of the same thing (20+ pages), but one step/drawing at a time.
- And still speaking of artwork, I joined a collage challenge group. It's been a lot of fun so far, and it's exciting to try something new!
- Unless the weather is bad, we're going to the Renaissance Festival this weekend for my birthday. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea (including my husband's), but I think it will be fun. :)

Ok, that should be enough of little updates for today!

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Rosemarie said...

Happy Birthday!

And, a quick update, they are preparing me to interview to be a store manager! Unlike the warehouse though, they do all of your development in, oh about a day! Hence the stress.