Friday, November 14, 2008

Sing it, Johnny.

"I've Been {almost} Everywhere, Man. I've Been {almost} Everywhere, Man."

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Lea said...

Well, you haven't been here lately. :(

We got your package last night from the Post Office. Thank you SO MUCH for the gift. I LOVE IT!!! And that photo is still so cute. You're the best!

Shelly said...

I've been keeping a little secret (only because it's not completely set). I might be coming to Washington the week of December 15th. Just waiting for final word from work. AND as a bonus, I'm going to try to bring Harper and Ruby with me! :)

Lea said...

OMG! You made me almost cry!!! I hope, hope, hope! :)

Keep me posted!

Sarah said...

Wow...You've never been to Florida??

I'll cover CA, FL, UT for you!