Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: The Recap

Oh my 2008, you were an eventful year. Full of ups and downs. Happiness, hormones and hysterics.

We started the year out pretty normally as I recall. Oh, except that I was about halfway to having a baby. That's not normal for us, I guess.

Around March (and not that long before I was due to have a baby), we ventured back into the land of house selling. Our first days at it were wildly optimistic (an offer the day before we were scheduled to put it on the market) and then dramatically depressing (an offer rescinded the day after they tested the inactive fuel oil tank that evidently had leaked oil during the reign of the previous owners and had contaminated all the soil around it). We regrouped, cleaned up the mess, and started over. This time we weren't so optimistic, had lost a good month of real estate market time, and we certainly had a significantly lighter wallet after the oil tank clean up process where the clean up crew felt the need to dig to China. Seriously, you could have driven a SUV into that hole and lost it in there. In the end, there was a lot of fresh new dirt and a lovely planting bed where there used to be trees.

April 25th arrived. The big due date. No baby. Lots of folks sitting around and tapping their feet impatiently. My mom and Doug's mom were in Washington with us. My mom kept busy with sewing projects and cooking, and Doug's mom kept busy with gardening and cooking. I remember eating a lot. Oh, and everyone spent time preparing the house for open houses. I still can't believe we had our house on the market during this time. And no real signs of little Harper being ready to make her arrival into the world. We finally coaxed her out of her hiding place on May 6th.

I think I spent the next month in sweats, in tears (both happy and hormonal), and in shock. I really couldn't believe that we had created such an adorable (yet needy) little creature. Our lives revolved around naps and feedings and diaper changes.

Three weeks after Harper was born, Doug ventured to Ohio to start a new job as a self-employed vendor representative. Doug's mom came back out to pack up the house, and Harper and I started preparing for our big adventure. We left for Kansas to visit my family in June, and then Doug flew all the way back to Washington to get the car and to drive back across half the country (picking us up along the way).

We arrived in Ohio as a family in late June and moved in with Doug's mom and her husband. They went out of their way to make us feel at home. We moved in with them because our house in Washington still hadn't sold (a huge source of stress for all of us), and without that off of our shoulders, we couldn't buy another house.

Finally in August we got an offer on the Washington house. I say "finally" because in our minds it was a million years in the making. Our lives were in such limbo, we were living in someone else's house, and we had a new baby to take care of. In reality, we do realize that it was a relatively quick home sale in a tough real estate market. As soon as we had a contract signed, we started looking at houses in Ohio and found one in our first real day of looking. It was kind of a no-brainer to get the house, but we still had to go through financing, the sale of the WA house, getting all our stuff here from Washington (with Doug and his mom going out there to pack it all up with the help of some amazing friends), and the purchase of the new house. It all came together in mid-September. The Washington house closed, Doug and his mom returned from Washington, the Ohio house closed, our stuff arrived, and here we are. {Whew.}

The last couple of months we've just been settling back into normal life. Or at least whatever normal means now. I guess it means Doug and I both working from home, a happy baby who changes almost before your eyes, and living back in the Midwest again.

So 2008, you brought us a lot of changes. Some good ones, some not so good ones, but we've managed to survive them all. YAY!

And 2009, we're hoping for a quiet year. Don't disappoint us.

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