Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blame Game.

Need/want to put up the Christmas tree. Have a new addiction. Facebook. Blame facebook for it not being up yet.

Need to clean the house but haven't done it yet. Blame facebook for that too. (Ha! Good one.)

Art room a disaster after Thanksgiving weekend project with my sister Julie. Can't blame facebook for that one. Sorry Julie, going to have to blame you for that never ending project. :)

No collaging lately. Blame massive Thanksgiving weekend art project for that one too.

No blog posts lately. Blame me. :)


Lea said...

A lot of people are doing that facebook thing. I keep getting invites for it, but I don't know. I already spend WAY too much time online! And see, it's addicting! Hmmm. You are tempting me though by being on there. :) Darn you.

Sarah said...

It must be a virus....I'm having the same problem, sissy :)

Momma Mary said...

me three...facebook is awesome... :)