Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Harper's Online Baby Book

In addition to her new tooth:

Harper has been clapping her hands together for about a week now and she flattens out her hands when you clap them together for her.

Last night she added "DaDa" to her usual chatter. Doug melted. :)

She's sitting really well by herself and has been for a few weeks. She likes to sit on the floor with me and hold my hands while we row row row the boat.

She has almost outgrown her original sleep sacks (which are size small and were so HUGE when she was born that we had to wait to use them).

She wears mostly 9-month old clothes and a few 12-month old clothes. She is still long and skinny.

When I put her facing away from me and bring her head up next to my head, she tries to eat me. I prefer to think she's trying to give kisses though.

She's still not much of a cuddler, but she does sometimes rest her head on a shoulder when she's tired.

She loves to eat her "solid" foods and really likes gnawing on zwieback toast.

She still likes her butterfly toy that has calmed her down since she was five weeks old.

She will dive at any remote control in site.

She is mesmerized by The Backyardigans.

She hasn't settled on a comfort item yet. Mostly she wants someone's finger right now.

She still likes diaper changing time and calms down as soon as she hears the diaper being unfolded.

She's still such a sweet girl and so easy to soothe. We're very lucky!

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