Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two Good Nights Does Not a Pattern Make.

[Edited 12/19/08] BUT 10 nights might!

But it's a start.

This week I decided to put Harper to bed awake (drowsy) and let her put herself to sleep. We've tried this before, but I couldn't take it. This time I decided to stick with it.

Night 1: 12 minutes of crying. Not too bad, I thought. I can take this.
Night 2: 35 minutes of crying. Oh boy, this isn't working.
Night 3: 15 minutes of crying. Maybe it will get better.
Night 4: 0 minutes of crying. Gave her one of her burp cloths to hold onto. She talked herself to sleep. She woke up crying once in the middle of the night, but it was for only a few minutes. She woke up talking.
Night 5: A few minutes of talking, 3 minutes of crying. She woke up talking again.
[Edited 12/15/08] Night 6: 0 minutes of crying! Woke up talking. :)
[Edited 12/16/08] Night 7: 0 minutes of crying and woke up talking again. Four great nights in a row! YAY!
[Edited 12/17/08] Night 8: Life is goooood! I am such a lucky mommy. :)
[Edited 12/18/08] Night 9: Sweet.
[Edited 12/19/08] Night 10: A tiny bit of crying because we put the cranky-pants, rubbing her eyes baby to bed early. Still good, so good. :)

We're going to keep at it and see what happens.

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Lucy said...

Keep at it, your baby will get into a routine,it's hard though to hear them cry and not instinctively want to go and soothe them. One thing that worked for me was to put my kids to bed even earlier than I had been-I thought that if I keep them up a bit later than they will sleep in longer but all that was happening was I was making them overtired and that's where I ran into trouble with getting my boys to go to sleep soundly without a lot of crying.

Good luck to you :)

Merry Christmas!