Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kicking Things Up a Notch

I've been trying to ramp up my creative efforts lately. The piece above is today's effort... inspired by Marsha Jorgensen of Tumble Fish Studios.
I'm learning a few things:
1. I work better if collect my collage materials together ahead of time. When I have a color palette selected in advance, I make nicer pieces.
2. Fragile papers can be frustrating. The background of the piece above is from a 1909 school book. It's made of thick newsprint-like paper that almost breaks instead of cuts. Love the color, concerned about the paper.
3. I need to work on controlling the size of my pieces. I build my collages with no concern for framing or standard mat sizes. When I get around to selling pieces on Etsy, I'm going to have to figure out how to limit myself to certain sizes because I'm not a big fan of cutting my own mats.
4. I'm not sure ATCs are a good format for me. (The piece above obviously isn't an ATC, but that's what else I've been working on lately.) It's hard for me to work so small. Maybe I'll find another way to make them that works better for me.
5. I need to just keep creating!
I sent in my first contest entry today. I really have no expectations, but I'm glad I did it. Usually I make excuses for why I can't do that kind of thing.
And now, I'm off to start another project while Harper is playing.
I'll try to get a Harper update in tomorrow. She's in a really fun phase right now and we're thoroughly enjoying her!


shukor yahya said...

I love your crafty work. I think you are very creative. Keep up all the good work while bringing up Harper.

A way to go.

By the time when he goes to school you would have many creations for your solo exhibition.

mamadaisy said...

that is absolutely gorgeous! yay you! (and happy 300th post and day-after-leaving-the-house day!)

exclamation points! everywhere! yay!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I don't know how I inspired you here because this is all yours, baby, all yours and it is gorgeous! I see you stretching yourself, but I so love your work anyway. As I've said before your journal pages are such an inspiration to me and I love them so much! It's good to stretch and go to all ends and then come back to where you're comfortable and you will see how things kick up a notch all on their own. I'm so excited to see you working and working and I know this will all surpass your wildest dreams when you (and Harper) are ready! Great work!