Monday, January 26, 2009

Miss Harper Says HI!

So for those of you who have been patiently waiting for your Harper fix, wait no more!

Harper is doing great. She continues to be an easy going girl who is very happy and loves to laugh. She's good at entertaining herself, but she loves attention too. She's squirmier and squirmier every day. When I hold her she wants to get down, but once she's down, she wants right back up. She loves to crawl all over us, but she can't crawl yet. She loves the strings on our sweatshirts. She goes for those first thing and chews her little heart out. She says "Da Da" and sometimes "Ma Ma". I think Da Da actually means her Daddy, but Ma Ma means any number of things or not a thing at all.

Some of her little quirks:
  • She loves getting a little bit of spit in her throat and then breathing heavy like Darth Vader. I swear she enjoys it.

  • She has an eyelash infatuation. If you're brave enough to let her near your eyelashes with her little fingers, she strokes them with her index finger.

  • She doesn't have a favorite blankie, but she takes a burp cloth to play with until she falls asleep at night. (She's a great night time sleeper with a pretty regular 9 PM bedtime, but she's still not such a great napper.)

  • She clicks her tongue for the cat like we do.

  • Lately she's infatuated with her tongue.

Now Harper says Good Night!

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