Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Thoughts

Have you seen those ADT commercials where one or more bad guys break into well lit, obviously occupied, nice neighborhood-y homes? The most recent version I saw was two guys dressed in black peeping in at an unsuspecting woman who is getting ready to work out. They then bust down the front door and the alarm scares them away. Oh, thank goodness the alarm went off and the ADT people came to the rescue. {Criminy.}

Those commercials freak me out and annoy the heck out of me at the same time. I don't need someone to try to make me feel insecure in my own home at every commercial break so that I'll buy a security system. My house in SC was broken into twice - both times in broad daylight when it was obvious that no one was home. I'm guessing that's how most robberies go rather than the we're peeping in your windows at night version. But then what do I know.

Next random thought... why aren't parking lots designed better? I mean, I know they're for parking cars, but what about us poor saps who have to walk behind all those cars who aren't looking where they're going when they are backing out of their parking space? If you couldn't tell, I had a little incident at the grocery store the other day. I was paying attention. The driver of the car wasn't really. I'd blame it all on the driver, but then I got thinking about parking lot design and forgave him.

Final random thought (for now)... I've been thinking about my twenty year class reunion lately. It's still more than a year away, but I'm already wondering what kind of event we can pull together. Really glad the internet exists because it shouldn't be too difficult to track folks down. This brings up a side random thought about how at our ten year reunion I swore that I wasn't going to go to any more reunions. I probably said I'd never have kids too. Looks like you just can't believe anything I say. :)

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Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Shelly! Thought I'd pop over and visit you for a change. Your daughter is beautiful (and would make a very good fairy!)! Your random thoughts post caught my eye - I love random thoughts cuz I am seem to have so many - have to love what you can't be rid of I guess. I love reading someone else's to validate I am not alone in my random-omityness.

Your daughter made me happy today. I love looking at all of the pictures. I remember those days. I know you hear it a million times but you can't help say it when your kids get older - it goes by in a flash. One minute you are changing diapers and the next you realize your kids are bigger and smarter than you are. So, looking at your daughter brought a rush of memories to me that are good to remember. I miss my babies head smells - sounds weird (and random!), but you know how good your baby's head smells. They don't smell so good when they get big and old! I still think I could pick my kids out blindfolded by just smelling their heads but it is not the same as it used to be. Enjoy every minute! It is still a joy when they are older, just different.

Thanks for all of the kind words and encouragement you have shared with me! I'll be back!