Monday, January 26, 2009

Small Bumps in the Creative Road

Ok, so this didn't turn out as expected. I'm not super happy with it, but maybe it was the process that was most frustrating?

I'm feeling a bit out on a limb with the art stuff recently - in good ways (stretching out of my comfort zone) and in more difficult ways. I want to sell my work, but I'm not quite ready yet. I have the motivation to create, but I'm struggling to find my own path and some kind of style. (Not a new struggle really. I've always been a bit all over the place stylistically and have trouble making more than a few things in the same style.)

I got a good introduction to making collages with Nancy Baumiller's flickr collage group, but I'm moving away from doing collages for the group in order to work on my own style and to find my selected images to work with. I also found that I really was only getting one collage done per week while in the group. I have no idea why that is. Now that I'm moving away from the group (for now, at least), I feel like I'm moving away from a group of supportive artists too. Not my intention and probably not even really the case, but it's still how I'm feeling.

Moving on... the good news is that I'm creating! And therefore working on my goal. YAY! :)


Lea said...

I'm sure we all struggle with that. I know I do! Congratulations on the steps you are taking. How exciting!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

You're struggling along with the rest of us. That's your soul drinking up the attention you're giving it and it thrives on. It will reveal the answers you need when it feels you are ready. All over the place is good - means you're growing and looking and learning and trying. (here that, self? I go through the same thing you are all the time, as you know!)

I love this piece. I really do.