Monday, January 19, 2009

Something fabulous!

Something fabulous happened Friday evening. An artist who I really admire likes my work! Marsha at Tumble Fish Studio (link to her flickr OR link to her blog OR link to her Etsy site) sent me a lovely email about visiting my flickr site and if I post my work, she'd like to buy it! Her email had my eyes full of tears. It's so wonderful to have affirmation about my artwork... especially from an artist whose work is so wonderful and so carefully made.

Here's something else that's fabulous... Marsha's having a sale on her Etsy site (see link above) to clear out her stock of older work. I've snatched up three of her small pieces so far. Marsha even went above and beyond to redesign one of her works that I had purchased because she wasn't happy with it... I can tell she's an artist because she's pretty critical of her own work!

Well, Miss Harper is throwing a mini-fit... well, as much of a fit as she throws which isn't I'd better go.

Check out Marsha's sites... she has some amazing deals on her fabulous art! (P.S. to Marsha... can't wait until you post your new work!) :)