Tuesday, February 3, 2009

And the winners are...

Not me. Well, I can finally stop tapping/thudding/banging my head against the wall. (Ok, that last part never happened.) They posted the selected artists, and I wasn't one of them. I can honestly say I wasn't disappointed which was also a relief. It was just good to know I could stop the crazed e-mail checking obsession. Oh, except for one thing. They just had to add this little statement at the end:

"We also would like to feature others online as part of our "Online Extras" so you might be hearing from us. As usual we discovered new talent through a reader challenge and we have set aside a number of entries to contact for future articles."

{sigh} tap... tap... tap... (Just kidding!)


Anonymous said...

I think "fidget" would be a one word description and, believe me, you do it well.

Lea said...

I'm sorry you didn't win. It just means that you need to enter more! :)