Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Bug

Well, Harper is having her first little bout of sickness...probably from those germy kids at the museum on Saturday.

She was really fussy when she got home and wouldn't eat her usual dinner. We tried a bottle, but she wouldn't eat much of that either. She was really clingy and seemed lethargic. She took a little nap, but when she woke up, she spit up. No wait, it wasn't really spit up... it was full fledged vomiting. Of the projectile sort. Poor baby.

She seemed to feel a bit better after we got cleaned up, but then she threw up again. We took her temperature (100.9 according to the armpit temperature reading... long story why lucky girl didn't get treated to a rectal temperature reading). I gave her a short bath to clean up, and she took a little bit of bottle before she cuddled up again and went to sleep. I put her in her crib, and she went right back to sleep. We'll see how the night goes...going to go check on her again now.

Thanks Aunt Sarah for answering the late evening sick child hotline. :)


Rosemarie said...

Poor girl! We like to give JMS pedialite popsicles when he isn't feeling well. Kroger's sells them in the babyfood section. We cut them into 1 inch pieces and serve them in those net food holders (sold at Target). When I read the title to your post, I thought you were itching for another baby. :)

BlueRidgeLady said...

Hi Shelly!

How is the Harper today? Poor baby....I hated to hear she was sick. I hope she's feeling better! Yall take care!