Sunday, February 1, 2009


Isn't she just the most beautiful baby? You'd better say yes because her college education depends on it. Why's that you say?! Well, I entered her into Regis and Kelly's most beautiful baby contest this morning, and she'd better win because the grand prize is $125K for college. Ok, I do realize there will be about a zillion and a half other babies who think they are the most beautiful. But they're just going to have to step aside 'cause this is the baby that wants to win.

We're full of contests around here lately. Full meaning two. I entered a collage into a Cloth Paper Scissors magazine contest a little while back. We find out the winners for that tomorrow. I'm not pinning my hopes on that one, but it would be fun to be selected.

Back on the Harper front, this baby is trying to crawl. You can't keep her off her tummy or in one place for that matter. Once she gets on her tummy she's not too content about her situation. We're trying to just let her work it out.

This is Harper studying to become an electronics technician or escape artist. Not sure which. She started out playing with her back to the green chair. Two minutes later... on her way to figuring out all the fun buttons on the stereo receiver. I'd say she's in full creeping mode.

P.S. On the Harper milestone front, we lowered her crib to the full baby cage setting today. She hasn't tried to sit up in her crib yet, but it's just a matter of days. The rest of the baby proofing is started and probably ongoing for the next eighteen years.


Cate Prato said...

I think you have a winner!

Lea said...

OF COURSE she's the most beautiful baby. :) She absolutely is. That's pretty exciting that she's about to crawl!