Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fun and Splashy [Edited]

12" x 12", scrapbooking papers, old atlas pages, and cut out text.

I've been working (and working and working) off and on for the last two weeks on my contest entry for the Cloth Paper Scissors calendar challenge. I was going to make two (the maximum allowed), but I think I might be burned out with just this one. Will have to take some better photos to submit when the lighting is better.

I'm happy with this (for now), but it was quite a labor. The good news is that if I'm not selected as a finalist, I'll get to keep my pretty little piece of art. :)

[Edited] I forgot to mention that the contest theme is "Life is like a box of..." something. There were about twenty ideas before this one that probably should have been what I went with, but this is what stuck.


Lea said...

Good luck! I love the border... I bet that was tedious!

Shelly said...

That was actually the easiest part!!! :)