Monday, February 2, 2009

Tap... tap... tap...[Edited]

That's the sound of my foot tapping. Well, I don't have shoes on, so it's more of a thud...thud...thud.

I am not patient. Well, maybe sometimes I am patient, but not today.

I'm waiting (not patiently) for the winners to be announced for the Cloth Paper Scissors contest. I don't think I'll be one of the winners, but until I know, I'm just tapping my foot waiting... and waiting... and waiting (and obsessively checking the web site for results).

I didn't mind waiting during all of the days up until now... it's just today that's making me crazy.

I'm trying to distract myself with this whole work thing that I have to do to make a living, but every time I pause to take a breath... right back to the tapping (or thudding if you please).

Edited to add:
I reread the contest information. "You will be notified by email on February 2, 2009, if your piece has been selected. We will also post the names of “winners” on the Editor’s blog (visit" I decided what that means is that the selected artists will be notified by mail today, but that they'll post the names someday. So I should just move on!!! :)


Lea said...

I hope you win! Where do you check their website? I'm going to go look now...

Lea said...

OK, I couldn't find it. But I am keeping my fingers crossed for you!