Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Me, originally uploaded by shellypaints.

Yep, it's me. I finally got my hair cut at lunch today, so I thought I'd take a picture to share. Then I accidently took a picture of the picture I was looking at and decided I liked that better than the original. So there you go.


Lea said...

VERY cute! I love your hair! And the photo. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute Hair!! Did I see on FB that Harper started crawling?


Shelly said...

Yep! I'm trying to capture it on video, but she's decided that she's not a trained monkey. Well, not a trained monkey that crawls anyway.

mamadaisy said...

you look great! i am about to cut off a foot of hair -- i look more like a graying teenaged hippie than a 30-something professional. time to look a bit more like a grown up!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Love the haircut pretty lady! You are so pretty - what great skin and a beautiful smile to go with that new doo!

Have to ask . . . is the egg still there? Thanks for a new craving. If I was there, I would take it off your hands.

I will catch up on your art work in flickr - I know I have a lot of looking to do. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for all of your good wishes, thoughts and prayers lately. They are most certainly what kept me going and got me home safe and strong. You are pretty special to me miss shelly!

Judy said...

Very "cute-e-mous" :)

Can't wait to see you in person soon then I can check out the new "do."

Take care.

P.S. My power is finally back on this morning!!