Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ridiculously Ginormous.

For my birthday (the next gift-receiving occasion that I can think of unless people would like to start giving me gifts on Tuesdays just for fun), I want a ginormous mailbox. Ridiculously ginormous. One that requires special rigging to stay up, I think.

Every time I get a package, instead of being nice and bringing it to my doorstep, Mail Guy crams it into my teeny mailbox. So far everything has survived the Mail Guy's indifference to the possible fragility of the contents of the package, but still. Pretty ridiculous if you ask me.

Well, one of the other people who delivers our mail - Mail Lady - comes in a close second in ridiculousness to Mail Guy. During one of the snows we had a month or so ago, our neighbor plowed some of the street clear with his tractor, but he didn't clear the entire cul de sac. The area near our mailbox had about three uncleared feet from the cleared area to the mailbox where there sat three teeny little inches of snow. The Mail Lady drove through the cleared area of the cul de sac and didn't stop at any of our mail boxes. And you just KNOW that she had mail in there for us. Doesn't she know how important the mail is in my reclusive little life? Geesh.

Ridiculous, I say. Ridiculous. :)


Anonymous said...

You could try for Mother's Day...I'll bet Harper would love for you to have a bigger mailbox so her packages would fit too!
Love, MOM/Grandma

Rosemarie said...

Our postal people have bags and they hang our boxed mail on the mailbox at the curb. Good and is not stuffed in the box, but shouts to everyone driving buy..."ooh, they got a package."